Lesbian Nightmares


Sword & Sorcery! Stranglings & Shootings! And death by quicksand! Three tales of lesbian lust and murder!

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Lesbian Warriors” shows the fate of two warrior lovers (Veronika Foxx, Debbie D) who kill a monk and are cursed to die at each other’s hands for all eternity!
And in “Shoot and Strangle the Lesbos“, Barbara Joyce’s lust for another woman (Veronika Foxx) may lead to death, not only for herself but also for her lover, when her husband (Dean Paul) learns the truth!  Barbara’s twin siblings (Debbie D) then plan their own revenge against the husband, only to have the tables turned on them. BONUS: In editing the movie, there were 4 versions of Veronika´s shooting death and two for Barbara. See all 6 scenes complete with effects.
In Vampire Lesbians, a none too bright guy (Dean Paul) meets up with a pretty girl (Barbara Joyce) in a seedy bar where two lesbian vampires overhear their conversation and then decide to turn the girl into one of their own!
(75 min.)
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