Custom Videos from W.A.V.E.


Dear Friend,

We hope that you found something of interest on our website. If not, why not have your own script or story idea produced exactly as you want it? Here's how. We've produced over 100 custom videos which have included the genres of horror, action-adventure, super-heroines, slashers, dramas, and comedies. Many of our available titles were custom tapes.

We produce the tapes you want to see. All from your script or story idea. Basically, our videos follow two patterns. The first are stories that are in a humorous vein. The second are stories that are much more serious and violent.

All of our videos are now shot using a high def video camera and edited via computer onto a DVD-R or digital download. This produces an excellent copy. And we use professional or semi-professional actors and actresses and professional make-up people to produce the best possible movie.


The cost to you would depend on the number of people required, special effects, props, costumes, etc. A ballpark figure for a tape involving two actresses and one actor or three actresses would be $1,000 $500. Nudity may be requested, but it depends on whether the actresses involved are comfortable with it or not. Every attempt would be made to make the tapes at least 45 minutes in length, if not longer. Photos are available for $2 per photo. Extensive make-up or props would add to the cost. Obviously, the more people you want, the more costly it becomes. Once edited, you would receive a copy of the completed video, including music and credits, in a full color box. We then turn around and sell the tape through our various sources. If you do not wish to have your tape sold in this manner, then the cost to produce your tape would be double the original price to cover our loss of sales.

Due to increased costs, and in an attempt to keep prices down, we can no longer offer royalties on the copies sold.

To get an exact price for your video, send us your story line, outline and requirements. Send your story ideas/scripts via our contact form or write to:

W.A.V.E. Productions
P.O. Box 83
Deerfield, NJ 08313

studio phone number: 609-501-0445

We do not produce hardcore material. Otherwise, we can basically do any storyline you want. But keep in mind the more involved it is, the more costly it becomes. Your video should have a basic storyline with a beginning, middle and end. We reserve the right to refuse to do a tape. Nudity may be requested. However, due to the limitations of each individual actress, we cannot guarantee that they will appear topless or nude. That is something that can only be determined by who is picked for a particular part.

If you have any additional questions, please ask.