Downloading Help

After you have completed the checkout process and a paid for your digital download movies, you will be redirected to a confirmation page with a “Download Link” button next to each digital download you have purchased.

Please only click the download link ONE TIME and WAIT for you browser to pop up an alert for you to choose where you would like to SAVE your new video. For longer movies this could take SEVERAL MINUTES to finish. It may not look like anything is happening but PLEASE BE PATIENT and wait for your browser pop up a “save” window.

Note: You will have only TWO (2) chances to use that download link in 24 hours. After that, the link will no longer work and you will need to contact us here and let us know you need help with your download. 

Once you have Download your video, locate where you saved it (downloads folder?) and double-click it to open and watch on your computer.

All W.A.V.E. digital download movies are currently encoded in the Windows Media Player format. So you Mac OSX users may need to install the VLC player ( ) to play the video. If you already have the Mac version of Windows Media Player installed you can use that too.


Ordering Information

The fastest and easiest way to purchase movies is to browse, search and add the movies that you want to buy to your “shopping cart”. You’ll notice that there is a Shopping Cart Icon in the upper right corner. As you add items you will see the numbers increase in that icon.

Once you are done shopping you can click the Shopping Cart Icon and view your cart contents. Make any adjustments needed and when you’re ready click “Proceed to Checkout” and follow the steps to enter your shipping and billing info.

After that, click on “Proceed to Payment” and choose your payment method.

If you have any issues with your purchase feel free to contact us.

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