Double Feature 2 – Special Edition DVD


Three Tales of Horror!

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“The Kind of Meat You Can’t Buy in the Store ” stars Carol Livingston as the private detective, Barefoot Jenny, who’s on the trail of a dealer in human meat! Clancey McCauley guest stars as a prostitute who gets down and dirty before becoming the “main course” for the killer’s evening meal. In “The Painting of Horror” , doomed go-go dancers become the victims of a hideous painting that comes to life and devours them whole! Lonna Cottrell plays a dual role and dies, not once, but twice! Cristie Clark plays the other dancer who receives the mysterious package containing the painting and is eaten alive!

BONUS: See the exciting follow-up to THE KIND OF MEAT YOU CAN´T FIND IN THE STORE! starring Laura Giglio as a prostitute hired as a model. But unknown to her, the photographer (GW Lawrence) is a cannibal and he traps her in a bog of quicksand! New additional behind the scenes video available on the download only!

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