Strangled 8


Debbie and Laura are forced to play strip hi-low with the loser having her top taken off. Will any of them survive?

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Three beautiful women find themselves at the mercy of a sadistic killer. Dean Paul stars as the murderer who enjoys his work! Barbara Joyce, Debbie D, and Laura Giglio co-star as the unfortunate victims who find themselves chloroformed, bound and gagged, and completely helpless as the deranged killer does to them exactly what he pleases! Barbara tries to escape, but she´s foiled in her attempt, and instead, finds herself handcuffed to a tree with a bomb set to go off in 10 minutes. Debbie plays a bar owner who’s renovating her business and who are attacked and captured. She´s completely helpless as the killer unmercifully taunts her. Laura plays a cop who sees Debbie’s predicament only to become a victim herself. Laura is chloroformed, bound and gagged, and threatened by the killer. Then Debbie and Laura are forced to play strip hi-low with the loser having her top taken off. Will any of them survive? (90 min.)

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