Firebrand: Chloroformed & Hypnotized Heroines

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Dr. Sominus is back! And he´s teamed up with Warlocke.


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Dr. Sominus is back! And he´s teamed up with Warlocke.
Capturing, and then hypnotizing Amethyst (Debbie D), the two villains send her out to capture Firebrand (Laura Giglio) and Topaz (Pamela Sutch).
The three superheroines then find themselves completely helpless and at the mercy of the two men.
The heroines are forced to fight each other, with the two losers ordered to strip!
And then Firebrand finds herself in chains and helpless to avoid the chloroform constantly sprayed on her!
And what diabolical game does Dr. Sominus have planned for Firebrand? And what does the spaceship in orbit around the earth have to do with Dr. Sominus’ plans?
Find out in the sexiest and most exciting episode yet!
(60 min.)



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1 review for Firebrand: Chloroformed & Hypnotized Heroines

  1. Rated 4 out of 5


    Very funny

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