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Who is the Cannibal Roommate?

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Who is the Cannibal Roommate?  Is it Melissa (Debbie D) who is a fanatical fan of the RANA movies and who actually has a dream in which she’s captured by Ilsa Von Todd and Teela?  Tina Krause and Laura Giglio return to their iconic roles of Ilsa Von Todd and Teela, together for the first time in 24 years!
Or is Serena (Tina Krause) the cannibal and has rented Melissa a room only to make it easier to make Melissa her victim?
Or is Angie (Laura Giglio), a friend to both women, the killer?
Find out who is the Cannibal Roommate is in this retro adventure and present day nightmare!  Find out who ends up on the killer’s grill?  (50 min.)  (violence, nudity)



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