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 Hayride Slaughter
 Witch of Powell Forest
 Deadly Vines
 Sleepwalker Strangler
 Sleepwalker Strangler


 Gary Whitson

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Unrated: For Mature Viewers Only
Scream Queens 1
Scream Queens 1
          Damsel in Distress 5
Damsel in Distress 5
          Jogger's Nightmare
Jogger's Nightmare
          Photo Murders 3
Photo Murders 3

Abducted 3: The Trapster Strikes
The Accidental Tourist
The Archer
Artie Jr.'s Revenge
The Assassins 3
The Auction
The Bank Heist
Bikini Girl Killer
Bikini Girl Maid Service
Blood Sacrifice
The Burglar: Deadly Kidnapping
The Coin Flip Killer
Damsel in Distress 5 (new!)
Danger in Blue 2
Deadly Chef 1
Deadly Chef 2
Deadly Dates 1
Deadly Dates 2
Deadly Vines
Deli Hell
Desperate Situation Again!
Die and Die Again
Double Delight
Dungeon of Death 2
Dream Killer (Chapter 1)
Kidnapped Model 4
Superheroine Murders!
The Executioner
  Female Mercenaries 2
Firebrand 4
Hillbilly Stew
Hillbilly Stew 2
The Hypnotic Ring
The Hypnotic Spy
Jogger's Nightmare)
Jungle of Screaming Death
Just Between Friends 2
Kidnapped Co-eds
Kidnapped Wife
Lawyer Luau
Lethal Ladies 1
Love Object
The Medical Examiner Mystery
Lurid Crime Stories 3
The Necktie Strangler Escapes
The New Necktie Strangler (Pt 1)
The Perils of Jenny
The Perils of Penelope
Photo Murders 2
Photo Murders 3
The Pinelands Murders
The Poolside Drownings
Psycho Charlie's Revenge
Psycho Dance
Psycho Vampire
Pumpkin Eyes
Quicksand! Double Feature
Quicksand at Dead Man's Creek
  Quicksand from Damsel in Distress 3
Rage of the Incubus
Real Detective Stories Vol 1
Real Estate Deal
Revenge of the Necktie Strangler
Scream Queens 1 (new!)
Secretary Tales
Serena Powers: Identity Crisis
Sink Baby, Sink!
Sleepover Massacre: The Curse
Sleepwalker Strangler
Sorority Girl Mystery
The Sacrifice
The Snitch
The Stalker
The Stalker's Revenge
Strangled 5
Strangled Twins
Strip Poker Strangler
Thunder and Lightning 1
Thunder and Lightning 2
Trapped by The Trapper
The Water Nymph
Vampire Resurrection
Vegas Showgirl Strangler
Water Games
WAVE's Double Feature
Witch's Feast 1
Witch's Feast 2
Witchfinder 3
The Witch of Powell Forest

FEATURED TITLES from F&C Productions

       Truly Dreadful Tales
Truly Dreadful Tales
       Deadly Premonitions
Deadly Premonitions


WAVE's Double Feature
WAVE's Double Feature
   Abducted 3: The Trapster Strikes
Abducted 3: The Trapster Strikes
   Sleepover Massacre: The Curse
Sleepover Massacre: The Curse
   Witchfinder 3
Witchfinder 3


Welcome to W.A.V.E. Productions. Our videos are inspired by the horror and exploitation movies of the 40's, 50's, 60's, and 70's. All of these tapes are works of fiction and are merely a homage to the Drive-In classics of old. These are all unrated movies of all genres and are intended for persons 18 and over due to some light nudity and violence.

In addition to our catalog of completed videos, you can order a custom tape which we will produce based on a script and/or outline that you provide. If you've ever thought to yourself: I could put together a better story than that or Why didn't they do it THIS way... now is your chance to have a video exactly the way you want it!

Due to some nudity and violence, these videos are intended for ADULTS 18 or over. There are NO explicit sexual acts depicted in any W.A.V.E. Productions movies. The entertainment herein contains simple nudity and is exempt under federal statutes USC18s 2257 (A-C).