Laura: Jake's cheating wife
Jake: Veteran of the Iraq war.
Tisa: Woman who's having an affair with Jake and has been promoted to office manager over LAURA -
Jeff: Linda's husband
Linda: Jeff's wife who turns out to be pregnant. She's a nurse.
Carl: Married to Cynthia
Cynthia: She's being trained in selling insurance by LAURA -
Peggy: Private detective who works for the Fox Agency.
Shiela: A friend of Peggy's who drinks too much.
Denise: Another friend of Peggy's
Camper: Girl in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Scene 1
A girl talks to someone off camera. As she speaks, pills are being put into a wine glass.

GIRL - You can't mean it. It can't be over. I love you.

GIRL - After a year, it just good-bye, it's been fun?

GIRL - It won't be that easy! I won't let you go!

GIRL - I'll ruin your marriage and your career and you'll
have nothing when I get done with you!

GIRL - I'm sorry. I didn't mean it.
But Iíve never been happier than I have been with you.

She's handed a glass, but the hand isn't shown.

GIRL - We can just pack up and leave. I can work anywhere and so can you.
Shouldn't we be happy?

GIRL - (She drinks.) We can be happy together.
(She finishes the glass of wine.) Can I have a refill?

GIRL - (She gets the second glass of wine.)
I don't feel too well. (She collapses, holding her stomach.)
How could do this to me? I love you.
(She reaches out toward the unseen person and then dies.).

Scene 2

Jake and Laura are sleeping, but He's having a nightmare about combat. It wakes Laura up and she tries to wake him up.

LAURA - Jake! Jake, wake up! You're having a nightmare!

He suddenly rises up and grabs the girl's neck and starts to strangle her.
She fights him off and he wakes up.

JAKE - Oh my God, what did I do?

LAURA - You were choking me JAKE - You've got to see someone about these nightmares!
If you don't see someone soon, I'm getting out of here!

JAKE - No, no shrinks!

Laura gets up out of bed and runs out of the room.

He sits up, shaking his head.

JAKE - No matter where I go, pain and death follow me.

Scene 3

Laura is on the phone.


LAURA - Cynthia, He's getting worse! I don't know what to do any more!
He almost strangled me today. Do you have a name of a good psychiatrist?
I don't know how much more of this I can take. (pause)
Yeah, OK thanks. (She hangs up the phone.)

Scene 4
Fox Investigations. Jason Fox is at his desk and there's a knock.

FOX - Come on in Mr. Baxter.

CARL - I prefer Carl, if you don't mind.

FOX - OK, what can I do for you Carl?

CARL - I think my wife is cheating on me.

CYNTHIA.Carl's over at Jeff's. He suspects I'm cheating on him, but he doesn't know who with.

CARL - And I want you to fimd out with whom.

FOX - Did you bring the information I requested?

CARL - Yes, here it is?

FOX - (He pulls a photo out.) Is this a recent photo of your wife?

CARL - Yes, it was taken about a week ago.

we'll get right on this and I should be able to get back to you within a week or so.

CARL - OK, thanks. (They shake hands and Carl leaves.)

(He picks up the phone and buzzes Peggy. ) Could you come in here, Peggy.

She enters.

FOX - I have an assigment for you. We've been hired to follow an Cynthia Baxter.
Follow her, see who she meets, keep a log of who she meets and when.
And take your camera and take any photos that might help us find out who sHe's seeing.

PEGGY.OK, anything else?

FOX - Just be careful. Your permit to carry a gun hasn't come in yet.
Don't get yourself into any tight situations.

PEGGY.No problem. I'll get right on it.

We have to be very careful..
Scene 5

The Ames Insurance Office.

Tisa's sitting at a desk and Laura walks in.

TISA.Laura, did Cynthia sell that policy to Aaron Motors?

LAURA - She did better than that, Tisa, she sold all the employees health insurance,
life insurance, and retirement policies.

TISA.That's great, Laura! SHe's really done an outstanding job.
I've never seen anyone sell as much insurance in their first six months as she has.
And a lot of the credit belongs to you. You trained her.

LAURA - Thanks. SHe's remarkable, all right. (pause)
Oh, by the way Tisa, congratulations on your promotion to office manager.

TISA.Why thanks, LAURA - I now you were disappointed you didn't get it.
But there will be other promotions.

LAURA - I know. I better get back to work. Congratulations again.

Laura turns toward the camera with a scowl, mouthing the word ìbitchî. She walks over to another desk and makes a call.

LAURA - I'll be there in 30 minutes.

Scene 6
Carl and Cynthia are talking.

CYNTHIA.Listen, Carl, I have to out and make some calls tonight.

CARL - But it's Saturday night. I thought we could do something together tonight.

CYTHIA.I'd love to, but it's business. I have to do it.

CARL - We don't need the money that badly.

CYNTHIA.Laura and Cynthia are counting on me. Laura's put in a lot of time training me.
Besides, it's my career.

CARL - All right. But I don't like it.
Look, how about a weekend together?
Maybe at the shore or in the mountains?

CYNTHIA.Let me think about it and I'll let you know tonight.

CARL - All right, if That's the best you can do.


Scene 7

Laura is sitting on her boyfriend's bed.

LAURA - That bitch stole my promotion! It was rightfully mine!

KEITH.OK, OK, calm down.

LAURA - How can I calm down? I worked hard for that promotion!
I've worked hard with Cynthia to make her the best sales person we have.

KEITH.Give it time. Something else will come along.

(calming down).Maybe you're right. Things do have a way of working themselves out.
I just have to be patient.

(He smiles) That's my GIRL - Now let's concentrate on more pleasant things.
(They hug and the scene ends.)

He comes closer and hugs her.

Scene 8
Later that day.
Jake sticks his head into the office.

JAKE - Tisa, is Laura here? I thought I'd surprise her. I wanted to apologize to her about this morning. I wanted to see if she wanted to go dinner.

TISA.No, Jake, I think she left to meet a client.

JAKE - OK, thanks. Just tell her I stopped by.

He starts to walk away and then returns.

JAKE - I wanted to congratulate you on your promotion to office manager.

TISA.Why thanks, JAKE - I know how much Laura wanted the job.
But I guess Mr. Ames figured I'd worked here longer.

JAKE - Laura was upset. But she'll get over it. Well, I'll see you later.


Scene 9
Cynthia comes down the steps and wakes Carl up, who's fallen asleep in front of the TV.

CYNTHIA.Carl, I thought about what you said. How about a camping trip?
We could invite Laura and Jake, Jeff and Linda, and Tisa.

CARL - That's not what I meant. I wanted to be alone with you, not a bunch of other people.

CYNTHIA.It would be fun and they are our friends. And Laura is my supervisor and Tisa is the office manager. It can't hurt to score some brownie points.

CARL - OK, but only if you promise that we'll go away the weekend
after the camping trip. Just us.

CYNTHIA.That's fair. And I'll even make the reservations for the following weekend.

CARL - All right, but Jake and Laura really give the creeps! Something is definitely wrong with him and sHe's a tramp! Do we really need to invite them?

CYNTHIA.Yes. I'll call everyone tomorrow and we can all get together and plan the trip.

CARL - OK. I just hope we don't regret it.

Scene 10

The friends are together watching a movie.

CARL - That movie sucked!

JAKE - We should have watched what I wanted to.

LAURA - We've already seen Apokolip's Now about 40 times. (Everyone laughs.)

LINDA - It was still fun. Have we agreed to all the details?

CARL - Yeah, think so.

JEFF - What's the area like?

It's a valley that goes north and south and we'll park in the south and walk dead north.

Yeah, it's got a nice lake and a small stream that goes through it.

TISA.I just hope it's a peaceful weekend.

JAKE - I can't wait to get you guys into the woods. (They give him a wary look.)

JEFF - I'm surprised that all 3 of you can get away that weekend.

TISA.I talked to Mr. Ames and he agreed that we could close the office that weekend.

JEFF - So how is Cynthia here doing?

TISA .For being in the business for only a year, sHe's doing very well.

JEFF - Well if she sells everyone as much insurance as she sold Linda and I,
she should be doing very well.

LINDA - Honey, you can never have too much insurance.

CARL - With the insurance I have at work and the insurance that Cynthia here bought for me,
I'm worth more dead than alive.

Don't worry honey, I'm not ready to trade you in just yet.

TISA.I could use a refill.

CYNTHIA.Let me get that for you.

JAKE - How about we watch Hayride Slaughter?

(The movie is not something she'd want to watch.).Do you need some help?

LAURA - Yeah, I don't need to see another slasher movie.

The girls get up and leave while the guys put the DVD in the machine.

JAKE - This will be a lot better than that sappy last one.


Scene 11

She dials the phone.

LAURA - Hi, it's LAURA - I'll be over in 30 minutes.
I'm wearing your favorite teddie.


Scene 12

Keith is on the bed as Laura walks in.

LAURA - I told you I'd wear your favorite teddie. (She slowly undresses to the teddie.
Then she approaches him and they fall back onto the bed. Fade)


Scene 13

Laura returns home and yells for JAKE - She changes into a nightgown

LAURA - He must be in the basement. (She walks out of the room.)

LAURA - Jake, Jake, you down here?

After sitting for a few minutes, he answers. Guns and weapons are spread all around.

JAKE - Yeah, over here. (He's holding a rope.)

LAURA - It's time to go to bed.

JAKE - I'm not tired!

LAURA - That's not what I had in mind.
(She makes romantic overtures)
Let's go to bed, baby.

JAKE - NO! I can't sleep with you knowing you've been with another man.

LAURA - How many times do I have to tell you I don't have a boyfriend!
You're the only man for me.


JAKE - I don't believe you! (He grabs her.)
And don't get the idea that you could ever leave me.
I'll track you down and kill you both before I'd let that happen!

LAURA - You've got to believe me. There is no one else!
It's all in your imagination. (pause)
Please, Jake, I love you.

JAKE - (Begins to calm down.)
I...I'm sorry. I...I don't know what came over me.
These rages...I just can't control them.

LAURA - You need help, JAKE - You've got to see someone.
For your sake and for mine.

JAKE - O-OK, I'll think about it.

LAURA - All right. Now, let's go to bed.
(They walk out.)

Scene 14

Fox Investigations. Peggy presents her evidence.

PEGGY - Here's my log. She never met with anyone except clients and friends.
I didn't find any evidence of a boyfriend. It could be one of her friends,
but I don't find that very likely.

FOX - All right, I'll report to Mr. Baxter. But there's something I want you to do.
The Baxters are going on a camping trip and
I'd like you and a couple of your friends to follow them.
Just keep an eye on them. You get paid and have fun at the same time.

PEGGY - That sounds great. Shiela and Denise would love to go camping.

FOX - Just keep your distance. Just accidentally run into them and see What's up.

PEGGY - Sounds easy enough. It'll be fun.


Scene 15

Jeff walks out into the living room where Linda is sewing.

JEFF - What are doing?

LINDA - I have to get my uniform ready for my first day in pediatrics when we get back.

JEFF - I'm really looking forward to camping this weekend.
We haven't been camping for a long time.

LINDA - It could be a longer time, it wouldn't bother me.

JEFF - Hey, you grew up on a farm.

LINDA - Yeah, and the animals slept outside while the people slept inside.

JEFF - Oh, come on, you'll have fun.

LINDA - I suppose. But just remember this the next time I want to do something.

JEFF - OK. (pause) You're not drinking your wine?

LINDA - I'm just tired, I guess. I think I'll just go to bed.
I'm picking Cynthia up around two and we're going shopping.

JEFF - I'll see you when you get back.

LINDA - You coming up to bed?

JEFF - No, I'm going to read for a while.

LINDA - OK, good night. (She give him a kiss on the cheek.).


Scene 16

Peggy and Denise walk up to the pool where Shiela is floating on a raft.

PEGGY - Hi Shiela. Have you thought about going camping with us?

SHIELA - I don't know, going into woods and getting eaten alive by
bugs isn't my idea of a fun weekend.

DENISE - Aw, come on, it would be fun. You need to be adventurous.

The girls jump into the pool and flip over her raft.

SHIELA - Very funny. How about I get us something to drink?

DENISE - Sounds good.
(They get out of the pool.)

Carl pulls up into Jeff's yard and gets out of the car. Jeff has his hood up, checking the engine.

CARL - Something wrong?

JEFF - No, I just needed to added some oil. You have everything for the camping trip?

CARL - Yep, all set. (pause) Listen, can you do me a favor?

JEFF - Sure, what is it?

CARL - I'm not sure how to tell you this,
but I've hired a private detective to see if Cynthia is cheating on me.

JEFF - Why would you think that?

CARL - SHe's just never home. She goes out constantly.

JEFF - SHe's just working. You know sHe's selling a lot of insurance.

CARL - I know, but something's not right.
Can you have Linda feel her out, see if she can learn anything?

JEFF - I don't know. I don't think Linda would feel comfortable doing something like that.

CARL - Could you just ask?

JEFF - (He thinks about it.)
All right, I'll ask, but no promises.

CARL - Thanks.

Cut back to the three girls. Shiela has a drink in her hand.

SHIELA - Now this is what I love, just sitting around, and drinking.

DENISE - There's nothing to say you can't take your favorite drink on the camping trip.

SHIELA - That sounds good.

Scene 17

Laura goes to Carl's.

LAURA - Carl, you here?

CARL - Laura? Yeah, I'm down here.

She comes down the steps.

CARL - Cynthia's not here. SHe's out with a client.

LAURA - I know. I set up the appointment. I just forgot to give her these papers.
(She hands him the papers.)

CARL - So are you and Jake ready for the camping trip?

LAURA - Oh yeah. We're all set. Jake can't wait to play Indian Scout.

CARL - Would you like something to drink?

LAURA - Sure. Gin on the rocks.

Carl goes upstairs and Laura gets out her lipstick and touches up her lips and fluffs her hair and adjusts her top. Carl returns and hand

LAURA - I heard about that famous camping trip you took.
Tisa told me about it the other day and she couldn't stop laughing.

CARL - Great! Everyone in the world is going to know about that camping trip.
It wasn't my fault that I was stark naked in the woods just
as a group of Girlscouts showed up.

LAURA - You know, the thought of you jumping up and down stark naked is a real turn on.
(She rubs his leg with her foot and unbuttons her blouse.)
Care to give me a demonstration? (She reaches over and unbuttons his shirt.)

Her pushes her hands away.

CARL - I don't know what you think you're doing? I love Cynthia

LAURA - And I love JAKE -

CARL - This is wrong!

LAURA - Hey, we're both adults. Can you really say you're not attracted to me?

CARL - I think you should go.

LAURA - You don't know what you're missing.

She slips off the couch and kneels on the floor. She opens her blouse to reveal her breasts.

CARL - Sure I do! Exactly what I could find on the nearest street corner.
She quickly closes her blouse and stands up and grabs her bag.

CARL - I'll pretend this never happened for Cynthia's sake.

Laura stalks off.

Scene 18

Jake's lying under the covers and Tisa's sitting next to him.

TISA - I really do have to be going. I'm meeting with a client in 1/2 an hour.

JAKE - I want to thank you for coming.
I needed someone to talk to since Laura and I aren't getting along.

TISA.Any time, JAKE - (She taps her cheek.) I know how Laura can be sometimes.

JAKE - Can I see you the same time tomorrow?

TISA - (Pause) OK. I can make sure Laura is busy elsewhere.

JAKE - Thanks, I'll see you tomorrow then. I'm going to take a shower.

He walks out and she starts to get dressed.

Laura walks in after being rejected by CARL - Tisa is in the bedroom preparing to dress. Laura walks into the bedroom.

LAURA - What the hell are you doing here?

TISA - It should be obvious. You're not meeting Jake's needs,
just as you didn't Mr. Ames' needs.

You bitch! First you steal the promotion that was rightfully mine and now you're trying to steal my husband! Well, you won't get away with it.

She charges at Tisa and they tumble onto the bed. They struggle until Tisa gets the upperhand by holding Laura's arm behind her back.

TISA - Listen, Laura, and listen good. I've put up with your behavior for the last time! When we get back from the camping trip, I'm going to make sure Mr. Ames fires you!

She shoves Laura down onto the bed.

TISA - And don't think you can change my mind! You're through!

Laura - we'll see who's through, Tisa! we'll see!

Jake enters the room.

JAKE - All right, enough! Tisa, get dressed. Laura, calm down.

Laura stomps out.

Scene 19
That night. Laura walks into the bedroom changes into nightgown. She turns when she hears something.

LAURA - Jake?

The camera approaches her.

LAURA - Jake, no!

A punch is heard and she falls onto the bed. Her hair is grabbed and sHe's pulled off the bed.

Scene 20
Jeff and Linda are talking.

JEFF - I was talking to Carl and he thinks that Cynthia may be cheating on him.

LINDA - I don't believe that. I haven't noticed anything like that. SHe's too busy with work.

JEFF - Well, could you just try to keep your eyes open.
Maybe feel her out about how things are going with her and Carl?

LINDA - I guess. We're going to lunch tomorrow.
I'll see what I can learn, which I don't think will be anything.

JEFF - OK, thanks.

Scene 21
Cut to Laura is lying face down on the rug, her hands tied behind her back. The room is lit with red and blue gels.

LAURA - Jake, please, don't do this!

JAKE - You'll tell me who your boyfriend is or I'll kill you!
This is how we made prisoners talk in the Gulf War.
We tied the rope around their necks and then their ankles.
The more they struggled, the tighter the rope became, slowly strangling them to death.
It only takes about 15 minutes for them to die!

He yanks the rope up, forcing Laura's head up.

You need to setup a subdomain in godaddy - Please, Jake, you've got to believe me! There is no one else! Let me go!

She struggles and chokes.

She wakes up in bed the next morning from unconsciousness.

She grabs the phone and dials.

LAURA - Oh, God Cynthia. Jake had me in the basement, all tied up, a rope around my neck.
He was going to let me choke to death! (Pause) He's so jealous!
He told me that if I ever tried to leave him,
he'd track me down and kill me. (pause)
Can I stay at your place tonight? (pause) Thanks.

Scene 22
Scene with Keith.

LAURA - I really thought he was going to choke me to death.
But he came to his senses and untied me. I'm scared, really scared.

KEITH - Run away with me.

LAURA - I can't. He said he would track me down, us down, and kill us.

KEITH - Then what are we going to do?

I'm staying at Cynthia's tonight. Neither of us thinks Jake will try anything on the camping trip. And then, Monday, we'll try to get him to a psychiatrist.

KEITH - And then what?

LAURA - I really don't know. (pause)
First I find Tisa in my own bed and she threatens to have me fired.
And Jake almost kills me. Maybe, maybe there is one thing I can do.
Maybe kill two birds with one stone.

KEITH - What do you mean?

LAURA - The less you know, the better. (pause) Now come over here. (Fade.)

Scene 23
Tisa returns home and undresses to her underwear and then lies down for a nap. The phone rings.

TISA - Hello. (pause) Oh, hi sis. (pause) What? All right I'll be right over.

She hangs up and calls Cynthia.

CARL - Hello.

TISA - It's Tisa. I can't make the camping trip.
My mother just suffered a stroke and my sister and I have to go to the hospital.

CARL - That's too bad. Wish your mother well for us and we'll see you when we get back.

TISA - OK. Bye. (She hangs up the phone.)

CYNTHIA - What is it?

CARL - Tisa's mother suffered a stroke and she won't make the camping trip.

CYNTHIA - That's terrible.
Tisa is sitting on the bed, her head in her hands. SHe's crying. Someone comes from behind and knocks her out. She then finds herself tied to the bed and gagged. Wires are attached to her and water is thrown on her that wakes her up. She sees it's Laura holding the end of a plug. Tisa tries to scream, but can't. She watches as Laura plugs the cord into the outlet, which electrocutes her.

Scene 24
Laura is in Carl's basement, holding a blanket.

LAURA - Thanks for letting me stay here tonight.

CARL - I'm doing this for Cynthia, not you.

LAURA - Well, thanks anyway. (Pause) Do you have a key I could use.
I have to go out to see a client and I don't want you to have to stay up waiting for me.

CARL - Here. (pause) (sarcastically) And what kind of client would that be?

LAURA - An insurance client! (Carl walks out and Laura begins to change.)

Scene 25

The two of them are hugging.

LAURA - When I return from the camping trip, we'll be able to be together from then on.

KEITH - Why? What's going to change?

LAURA - Let's just say that Jake will be much too busy with the police to worry about us.

KEITH - Laura, what did you do? What did you do?!

LAURA - I killed Tisa.


LAURA - I had to do something. I left evidence implicating JAKE - When we get back Sunday night, her body will have been discovered and the police will be looking for JAKE -
I made sure he had no alibai for the time she was killed.

KEITH - I..I can't believe you've done this.

LAURA - I had to do something about JAKE - And Tisa got exactly what she deserved.
You've got to understand. It was the only thing I could do.

Scene 26

Jeff and LINDA -

LINDA - I talked to Cynthia and it sounded like she really wants it to work between her and CARL -
I don't think sHe's having an affair. SHe's just working very hard.

JEFF - OK, I'll let Carl know that he really doesn't have anything to worry about.

Scene 27

The six of them enter the woods and come to a clearing where they can set up one of the tents. They get the tent set up and a fire going. They're all sitting on the blanket.

JEFF - This is really nice out here.

LINDA - I have to admit I really didn't want to come out here, but this is great.

CYNTHIA - It's a shame that Tisa couldn't make it. (Cut to a shot of Laura smiling.)

CARL - Yeah, it's a shame about her mother. Hopefully she'll recover completely.

JAKE - That's life. We're born, we live, and we die.
It's that simple.

LINDA - On that hopeful note, I have an announcement to make.

LAURA - What? Did you forget the can opener?

LINDA - No, I'm pregnant.

JEFF - Why didn't you tell me?

LINDA - I just confirmed it yesterday and I didn't want you to think you should cancel the trip.

JEFF - (He hugs her.)
You've made me the happiest guy around.

CYNTHIA - That's great news!

CARL - Yeah, congratulations.

JAKE - Well, I'm going out into the woods. Anyone want to come?

LAURA - That sounds good.

CARL - Want to go exploring?


LINDA - Jeff, you want to for a walk?

JEFF - Absolutely.

They all go in different directions.

Scene 28

Jeff and Linda are back at camp. Laura walks in.

JEFF - Where's Jake?

LAURA - He's looking for his pants. I hid ëem. (They laugh.) He's got nice legs.

JEFF - You want to check out the stream?

LINDA - Sure.

JEFF - You going to be OK here by yourself?

LAURA - Don't worry about me. (She goes to her bag and pulls out a gun.)
I've got my baby to protect me.

JEFF - What the hell do you have that for?

LAURA - For protection!

LINDA - Protection from what?

LAURA - Bears.

LINDA - How about mosquitos?

LAURA - Those too. (She smiles.)
(They get up as Jake walks into camp.)

JEFF - Just don't shoot us.

JAKE - (Jake walks into camp.) .Very funny. Not only did you throw them into bushes,
they were thorn bushes!

JEFF - We're going swimming.

JAKE - You might want to give Cynthia and Carl the headsup you're coming.

JEFF - Why? (Joking.)

JAKE - They might be a bit preoccupied.
(Jeff and Linda leave and Jake turns to LAURA - )
Now for you. (He's smiling. They go into the tent.)

Scene 29

That night Jeff and Linda are walking through the woods.

JEFF - Look, it's a full moon.

LINDA - I'm so happy. I'm glad you convinced me to come.
(They kiss.)

Scene 30

Peggy arrives at Shiela's and all three get into the car and drive off.

Scene 31

LAURA - I'm going swimming.

LINDA - Where's Jake?

LAURA - He's out in the woods some where.

JEFF - Well, have fun. The water's great.

She walks off.
The three other girls walk down a path and run into Cynthia and Carl who are in a raft.

PEGGY - Hi. How long have you guys been out here?

CYNTHIA - We got here yesterday.

DENISE - Are the camping areas this way? (She points and they say yes.)
Thanks and have fun.

Cut back to Jeff and Linda lying on the blanket. They're kissing and making small talk. They are cooking hotdogs.
Go back and forth with Laura swimming in her shorts and tank top.
Back to Jeff and LINDA -

JEFF - How'd you sleep last night?

LINDA - Fine. It's beautiful out here.

JEFF - I couldn't sleep. I think there's something out there.

LINDA - Yeah trees, bushes, bunnies.

JEFF - No, bears! Cyotes!.

LINDA - Someone has a vivid imagination.

JEFF - Something's out there.

JAKE - (Cutting stakes with a knife.)
Snakes. It's snakes. I heard enough of them in Iraq. They crawl all over the place.
They could anywhere. They could even be under that blanket you're lyin' on.

JEFF - (Jeff jumps up and looks under the blanket.)
Oh, shit!

LINDA - Don't do that! He's just playing with you. There aren't any snakes.
(She turns toward JAKE - )
What are you working on, snake repellants?

JAKE - No, if a snake's goin' to get ya, a snake's goin' to get ya.
No, these are pungy stakes. We used them two ways. One we'd dig a pit and line the bottom with them and if the enemy tried to surprise us at night, it was them who got the surprise. We also used them to stake out the insurgents to make them talk.
We'd wrap a rawhide strap around their neck and leave them in the desert sun as the strap got tighter and tigher. They'd talk or die!

JEFF - Why don't you protect our campsite with those pits.
Just be sure to tell us where they are.
(Jake gets up and goes into the woods.)

LINDA - Why did you do that?

You need to setup a subdomain in godaddy - He gives me the creeps and I wanted him away from us.

LINDA - What about the pits?

JEFF - He'll tell us where they are and we'll fix them.

LINDA - What if he doesn't tell us where they all are?

Cut to the three girls walking in the woods.

Cut back to Jeff and Linda kissing.
LINDA - What, again?

JEFF - What can I say, the woods makes me horny.

LINDA - They'll all be back soon.

JEFF - Laura's at the stream swimming. Cynthia and Carl are rafting the stream,
and Rambo there is off hunting bunnies.

LINDA - Laura's been gone a while. She could back any time.
Hold that thought for later.
Besides, I should wash these dishes.

JEFF - OK, I guess i better follow Rambo and make sure he doesn't kill anything.
(They walk off in different directions.)

Scene 32

The three girls find a spot to set up camp.

SHIELA - Finally, I thought we'd never stop walking.

PEGGY - Listen, I'm going to look around.

SHIELA - OK, be careful.

DENISE - I'll be right back. Nature calls.

SHIELA - I'll be here.
(Denise walks off and Shiela opens the cooler and pulls out a wine bottle.)

Cut to Linda walking and the new camper That's entered the woods. Jeff finds a hole, but no stakes. Denise finds a spot to go to the bathroom. Linda walks down a path and Jake comes out from behind her and runs the other way. Shiela opens the wine bottle and begins to drink. Laura returns to camp and chages into dry clothes and then takes a rope and ties it across 2 trees and hang her wet clothes over the rope.

Cut to Cynthia and Carl in the raft as they head toward land.

CARL - This looks a lot like the place where first did it? Remember?

CYNTHIA - Yeah, I do.

CARL - Want to rekindle some old memories? (He makes a move toward her.)

CYNTHIA - No, not now.

CARL - If not now, then when? We haven't had sex in 6 months.

CYNTHIA - I know, just not now.

CARL - Who is he?

CYNTHIA - There's no other man in my life!

CARL - You lying bitch!

He reaches over and they start struggling.
They both fall into the water and begin wrestling with each other.

CYNTHIA - You bastard.

They wrestle some more and then Carl swims to the shore.
She climbs into the raft. He unties the raft.

CARL - Get the hell out of here.

CYNTHIA - Go to hell!
(She rows off.)

Scene 33

Back at camp, the rope is pulled down. Inside the tent, Laura peers out.

LAURA - Who's there?

She peeks her head out and gets knocked out. Cut to fire. Then sHe's pulled into the tent. SHe's then hogtied with a rope around her neck and left to choke to death.

Jeff finds a pit with one of the stakes in it. He pulls it out and throws it into the woods.
Cut back to Laura choking.
Jeff runs into Linda as she heads to get water.

LINDA - Hey there.

JEFF - I found one of those traps Jake set.

LINDA - What, a pit with a stake in it?

JEFF - Yeah. (pause) Where were you headed?

LINDA - I was going to get water. (She starts to faint and hold her head.) Oh...

JEFF - You OK?

LINDA - I'm suddenly dizzy.

He holds her.
Cut back to Laura choking to death.

JEFF - Look, I'll get the water and you go back to camp and lie down for a while.
LINDA - You sure?

JEFF - Yeah, go ahead. I'll get the water.

They go in opposite directions.
Cut back to camp where the tent door is now closed.

Scene 35
Shiela continues to drink. She falls asleep. The camera approaches, not showing who it is. It turns out to be Peggy.
PEGGY - Shiela?

SHIELA - Oh...hi...I guess I fell asleep.

PEGGY - Where's Denise?

SHIELA - I don't know. She walked away to use ìthe facilitiesî. I haven't seen her since.

PEGGY - I'm going to go look for her.

SHIELA - I'll go with you. (She starts to stand, but stumbles.)

PEGGY - You better stay here. we'll be back in a few minutes.

Shiela sits back down and Peggy leaves. Cut to a rope being pulled from one of the bags. It's suddenly wrapped around her neck where it strangles her to death.

Denise comes to the stream and sees Carl's body floating in the stream. She screams and starts to run and then stops and is killed with a stake.

Cut to other camper as she makes her way through the woods. Peggy gets knocked out. The camper goes swimming. Peggy is left spreadeagled in the sun with a rawhide strip around her neck.

Peggy wakes up and realises her predicament. She struggles and starts to choke. Jeff shows up and saves her.

JEFF - (Quickly untying the rawhide around her neck)
Do you know who did this?

PEGGY - No, I got hit from behind.

JEFF - I'll take you back to our camp. We have first aid kit there and my wife is a nurse.
(They walk out of the shot with Jeff holding Peggy.)

Swimmer comes out of water as Carl's body floats by.
Jeff returns to camp with Peggy where Linda is on the blanket.

LINDA - My God, Jeff, what happened

JEFF - I found her stretched out in the sun just like Jake described.

LINDA - Let me get the kit from the tent.
(She opens the flap and screams.)

JEFF - What is it?

LINDA - It's Laura, she's been murdered. Bound and gagged and choked to death.

Jake comes running up.

LINDA - Someone's coming! It might be the killer.
Jeff, do something!
(Jeff grabs a limb.)

JAKE - What's all the screaming about?

LINDA - Jake, it's LAURA -

JAKE - What's the matter?

LINDA - In the tent. SHe's dead.

JAKE - No!

He goes into the tent and screams.

LINDA - God, she was all tied up.

JEFF - (Pointing to Peggy.).She was tied up just like Jake described.

LINDA - My God, maybe he did it. We've got to do something now!

JEFF - (Jake comes out of the tent and Jeff holds a log for protection.)
You stay away from us.

JAKE - You think I did this?
(He easily grabs the log from Jeff's hand and tosses it into the woods.)
I don't have time for this. I have to find who did this!
(He runs off.)

JEFF - We've got to get help.

LINDA - No, We've got to warn Cynthia and CARL -

JEFF - All right, I'll go.

LINDA - No! We shouldn't split up! We should stay together!

JEFF - What about her?

LINDA - No, we can't leave her either!
(They turn to her.)

LINDA - Are you OK?

PEGGY - Yes, I'm OK.
(Linda checks her head and neck.)

LINDA - It doesn't look too bad.

JEFF - You should come with us.

PEGGY - I've got to find my friends.

JEFF - We should stay together. It's safer.

PEGGY - No, I have to warn them.
(She gets up and starts to head in one direction as the other two go in the other.)

LINDA - We've got to warn Carl and Cynthia.
(They run off.)

The camper returns to her campsite and changes. She hears a gunshot and turns and sees the killer. She backs up and trips. The killer graps a hatchet and kills the GIRL -

Jeff and Linda running. They come to a clearing where the path goes in 2 directions.

JEFF - I'll go in this direction and you go that way. But stay in earshot.

LINDA - OK. (They run off.)

PEGGY - Shiela, Denise!

Peggy finds Shiela's body and searches for Denise.

Cynthia stumbling through woods.

Peggy is running through stream yelling for Denise.

Cut to Cynthia stumbling in the woods with a head wound.

Peggy runs through the woods and gets to the stream.

Jeff and Linda meet up again and see Carl's body.

JEFF - Oh my God! Carl?! (The body is floating in the water.)

LINDA - (She comes running up.)
What is it?

JEFF - Carl's dead! Cynthia probably is too.

LINDA - What are we going to do?

JEFF - Laura's gun. We've got to get back to camp and get it.
(They run off.)

Cut to Peggy in the woods.

Jeff and Linda return to camp and grab the gun and a knife. They look for the weapons in the bag. Jeff gets the knife and Linda gets the gun.

Peggy's running and trips in the stream. As she starts to get up she hears a gunshot. She gets up and continues to run.

Then Peggy and Linda meet up.

Flashback about how Jeff was killed by Jake and how she shot JAKE -

LINDA - We were running down the path. Jake grabbed me and the gun through into the bushes.
Jeff came back and he and Jake struggled over the knife. I went after the gun.
But before I could get it, Jake had stabbed JEFF - Jake came closer to me and I shot him.
But Jeff was dead.

PEGGY - I'm sorry.

They hear something and Linda brings the gun up.

LINDA - Who's there?

Cynthia shows up hurt and dazed.

LINDA - What happened?

CYNTHIA - Jake killed Carl and then rammed my head against a tree and then ran off.

PEGGY - We have to get out of here and get the police.

They leave the woods.

Cut to cops checking things out.

Six months later with Cynthia and Linda going back and forth with Peggy's scene with detective.

CYNTHIA - You know, Carl was right. He was worth more dead than alive, a lot more.
And now it's all ours thanks to your plan.
(Walks to the couch.)
Well, to be honest, I never thought we'd get away with it.
But I didn't think you'd get away with Sharon's murder either.
You were right. The police just thought it was a suicide.
(Flashback to girl at the beginning.)

LINDA - I wasn't worried. It was just a matter of timing and planning.
(She walks in pregnant.)

Cut to detective and Peggy. There's a knock at the door.

PEGGY - Come on in.
(Fox walks in.)
Thanks for picking me up. I've got to get rid of that car of mine.
(Peggy then looks down in thought.)

FOX - What is it?
(He sits down.)

PEGGY - I can't believe it's been 6 months since Denise and Shiela were murdered.
Why's Jake do it.

FOX - Who knows what went through his mind?

CYNTHIA - Carl was totally caught off guard when he came back to apologize
and I hit him with a rock.

LINDA - And Jake made the perfect fall guy. I couldn't believe how you had rammed your own head against a tree to make it bleed to make it look like he had done it.

CYNTHIA - Yeah, and when he saw me do it and ran up to find out what I was doing,
I shot him.

LINDA - You are quick on your feet. That's why I love you.

CYNTHIA - Later, when I was questioned by te police, I told them that I'd run into Jake and he had rammed my head into a tree several times.

LINDA - It was lucky I'd given you Laura's gun. (pause) When I ran into Jeff in the path, I'd just finished tying Laura up. She was still choking in the tent. I had to get rid of him fast.

CYNTHIA.That would have been hard to explain, since Laura saw you hit her.

LINDA - I pretended I didn't feel well and he volunteered to go get the water I said was going for.
I was able to get back to camp before him andcheck that she was dead.
Then he came back with the girl who I had staked out in the sun.

CYNTHIA - You were certainly busy.

LINDA - That's what I've been trying to tell you.

PEGGY - I've been trying to relive this thing over and over again. There's something That's always bothered me. I couldn't put my finger on it until now.

FOX - What's that?

LINDA - Jeff didn't know until the last seconds what was really going on.

Linda and Jeff find Jake's body in the path. Jeff drops the knife to check on him.
Linda picks up the knife and walks in front of JEFF -

JEFF - My God, He's dead! Then who killed everyone?

LINDA - Do you really want to know, Jeff?
(She approaches him with the knife.)

(He backs up, but she stabs him and he falls dead.)

LINDA - (SHe's kneeling at his body.)
Good night, JEFF -
(She kisses her finger and touches his forehead. She then stands and fires the gun.)

LINDA - After I stabbed him and watched him die...I'll never forget the look in his eyes.
The poor jerk, I think he really loved me.

PEGGY - Linda said she shot Jake once.

FOX - Yeah, That's what the autopsy showed.
So What's the problem?

PEGGY - When I left the campsite to look for Shiela and Denise, I heard a gunshot.
I heard another one when I fell in the stream.
And now ëm wondering who fired the first gunshot and from what gun?
Laura's gun was back at camp.

FOX - Or was it? What if Jake wasn't the killer afterall? Linda and Cynthia became very wealthy young women from their husbands' insurance policies.
There have been weaker motives for murder than insurance money.

PEGGY - I can't believe that they could be capable of killing their
own husbands as well as all the others.

FOX - Maybe not. It was just a thought. Let's get to work.

LINDA - Let me fix you one of my special drinks.
(She walks out of the livingroom.)

CYNTHIA - Sounds delicious.

Cut to a glass having pills put into it.

CYNTHIA - (Looking toward kitchen.)
Maybe I'll mix up my own drink, just to be on the safe side.
(She gets up and walks out of the room.)
(Fade to black and go to credits.).

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