Gabrielle: The doctor
Norelle: The doctor's sister
Pamela Evers: The doctor that comes up with the cure.
Dr. Robert Edgars: Head of the medical center.
Mike: The leader of the men
Janice: One of the villagers who joins the doctor's mercenaries to learn her plans.
Sara: Girl being intimidated by Norelle
Joyce: One of the leaders of the village women.
Alice: Another village person.

Outfits consist of large t-shirts without a bra and tied off with a belt and shoes and/or boots. Gabrielle's soldiers are in beige and Norelle's in blue. The villagers are in grey.

Gabrielle is a resident at the Holmes Medical Center. But secretly, she's experimenting with reactivating dead tissue.

Scene 1
Gabrielle and Norelle are walking toward a building. Pamela runs up and grabs Gabrielle's arm.

PAM You can't do this, Gabrielle!

GABRIELLE You should be helping me, not standing in my way. If I'm successful, man will virtually be able to live forever.

PAM But at what cost!

GABRIELLE Pam, if you're not going to help, then just leave us alone.
Some of us aren't afraid of scientific breakthroughs!

They walk away and Pam goes in the opposite direction.

Scene 2
Gabrielle and Norelle are in a small room with equipment and a body on the table.

Norelle, is the subject prepared.

NORELLE Yes, Gabrielle. Everything is set to go.

GABRIELE Then let's go.

She pushes something on the laptop. She turns and a virtual screen appears in front of her. She motions around and you see she's working on the corpse's brain.

GABRIELLE If my theory is correct, I will be able to implant all the memories of our father into this body.

She touches something and the corpse begins to move and then sits up.

Norelle goes over to the corpse.


He stares at her as he understands, but doesn't react any more than that.

GABRIELLE Do you know who you are?

The body tries to speak, but is unable to. He continues trying until he mouths a word.

BODY Gabrielle?

GABRIELLE I told those fools that this would work, but they wouldn't listen to me!

Suddenly Dr. Robert Edgars bursts into the room with 2 guards right behind him.

DR What the hell are you doing? Stop immediately!

The two guards rush in and stop the equipment. The body falls back onto the table.

What have you done? Did that snitch Pamela tell you what we were doing?

That doesn't matter.
You went ahead despite our warnings!

GABRIELLE But my method works! I copied all my father's memories into this corpse!

DR You're experimenting with things you can't control!
You will be expelled from the school.

GABRIELLE That won't stop me! You're a fool!

DR Take them out of here!

Scene 3
Two years later. Cut to a newscaster.

NEWSCASTER The asteroid will strike the earth within 5 days. NASA is trying to use an old shuttle loaded nuclear warheads to try to destroy it before it can enter our atmosphere. The government is optimistic their plan will work.

Scene 4
Janice and Phil are in their basement preparing for the worst.

Janice, We have food and water for at least a month.
If we don't get A direct hit, we should be OK.

JANICE No matter what happens, I love you, Phil.

I love you too. We'll make it through this.

Cut to a giant meteor heading toward earth. The shuttle plan doesn't work and the surface of the earth is hit by a massive meteor, destroying most of the population and making NJ into an island.


Scene 6
Phil and Janice hear the impact and the explosions as they lay close to each other on the sofa. The power goes out.

Scene 7

NEWSCASTER (The picture is breaking up.)
The impact has destroyed most of North Jersey and made what's left of the state into an island accessible only by boat as of now with the destruction of all the bridges.

GABRIELLE We're on our own for now.

NORELLE What's going to become of us?

GABRIELLE We'll manage and become stronger for it.

Scene 8

Janice and Phil sit up after the impacts have stopped. Sirens blast in the background.
The power is still out. Phil tries his cell his cell. Janice turns on a battery powered light.

PHIL It's dead. I'm getting nothing.

JANICE All communication appears to be out.

PHIL I think we should look outside, see what's what.

JANICE I don't know if that's such a good idea..

Phil cautiously opens the basement door and looks out. Part of the house has been destroyed and fires are everywhere. He closes the door.

It's not good out there! The house has...Ugh!
(Phil suddenly doubles over in pain.)

JANICE Phil, what is it? What's happening?

Phil stands up and his face is distorted.

PHIL I feel like I'm going into withdrawal. I ... It's like I need a fix!

JANICE But you're not an addict!

PHIL I..I..I know. But it's like this urge has come over me! This hunger!

JANICE Hunger? Hunger for what?

PHIL Flesh! Human flesh! My god, I hunger for human flesh!

JANICE God, you're scaring me!

PHIL Run! I can't control myself! I have to feast!

Janice runs toward the other room, but he catches up and pulls her back. They struggle as he tries to bite her neck. She manages to push him off and get a gun in the cabinet.

JANICE Phil, please, stop! (She's crying.)

But at this point, he is simply a cannibal out for human flesh and he comes toward her and she shoots him. The bullet slows him down but doesn't stop him. Janice knows she's only survive if she kills him

JANICE Phil, forgive me!

She shoots him in the forehead and he falls dead. She rushes over and cradles his dead body as she sobs.

Scene 9

A group of women are walking down a path.

We must get away from the men and find a safe place to hide until we can figure out what we're going to do.
Men are lying in wait and attack them from the bushes. Gabrielle and Norelle show up and rescue the women and kill the men.

GABRIELLE Something in that meteor has turned most of the men into flesh eating killers.
But women don't seem to be affected.
That means we need to take control by building an army.
And I have a safe place where we can hide.

Scene 10
One year later. Gabrille, in beige, and Norelle, in blue, are training their soldiers. They are now all dressed in t-shirts, belts, and shoes/boots. Gabrielle is talking to new recruits.

GABRIELLE We must be strong to survive against the men.
So, you will either be a soldier or a food gatherer.

Gabrielle works with a few of them to determine who's the warrior and who's the food gatherer.

Norelle is training two women, Sara and Janice, using a mudpit.

NORELLE You must learn to fight in all conditions.
The first person who yields or steps out of the pit loses. And you don't want to lose!

The two women come together and wrestle, each trying to gain the advantage. Janice grabs Sara's leg and she falls back into the mud. Janice pushes Sara's face into the mud. Sara manages to get away only to fall face down in the mud. Janice gets on top of her and Sara yields.

Norelle comes over and pulls Sara up.

NORELLE That was pathetic! You shouldn't be a soldier. You should be a food gatherer.
That's all you're good for!

JANICE Do you think you could do better?

NORELLE Are you challenging me?

JANICE If you're up for it.

NORELLE All right, let's go.

The two face each other in the pit. (At this point, the fight will be choreographed based on the abilities of the 2 involved.) Janice wins by sending Norelle face down in the mud. Norelle starts to come after Janice and Gabrielle steps in.

GABRIELLE All right, calm down. You lost fair and square. Don't be a sore loser.

Sara and Janice are wshing off.

SARA Thanks for standing up for me.
Do you think you could train me, make me a better fighter?

JANICE All right, I can do that.


Scene 11

At the village. Other women including Pamela meet and discuss the two sisters' methods.

JOYCE We can't continue to live like this.
Gabrielle and her sister are in control because they can protect us from the men.
A cure has to be found for the men's condition so we don't have to live under the sisters rule.

I've been working on trying to find a cure and I hope to have a breakthrough soon.

ALICE It HAS to be soon. We can't continue living like this.

Scene 12

At the men's camp.

MIKE We have to work together and stay away from our loved ones until a cure for this hunger can be found. But we still need to feed so our prey should be the mercenaries who are terrorizing everyone.

The men agree. They capture and kill one of the soldiers and prepare her to be cooked.

Scene 13

Pamela is in a basement room working on finding a cure for the men. Janice and Sara enter.

PAMELA Were you followed?

JANICE No, the sisters don't know we're here.

PAMELA If I can develop a cure for the men, much of Gabrielle's power evaporates.

JANICE How close are you?

PAMELA Very close. I need a subject to test it on.

JANICE Then Sara and I will capture one of the men and bring him here.

PAMELA Be careful.

They leave.

Scene 14
The two woman come up behind a man who's walking down a path. There's a struggle but they manage to capture him.

JANICE You have to listen to us. The doctor has a cure for your hunger, a vaccine that suppresses your desire for human flesh.

BILL And why would I believe you?

SARA Because we could just have killed you.
Instead, we're taking you back to her for the cure.

Scene 15
Gabrielle is in her lab. A man is laying on the table and Gabrielle is busy at work.

GABRIELLE You will live again, father.
She walks over to the man on the table. It's Robert Edgars.

GABRIELLE Your body will be the vessel for my father.


GABRIELLE I've perfected my technique.
I can wipe your brain completely and replace all your memories with my father's.


GABRIELLE It's too late!

She's holding a device that she pushes the button on. He screams in pain and then just has a blank look on his face.
GABRIELLE Now for the transfer.

Lights flicker and an essense enters Edgars body.

EDGARS G..Gabrielle? What have you done?

Scene 16
Janice and Sara return with the man to the basement room where Pamela is working. As they enter, he's getting more and more agitated.

BILL The hunger is coming! I must feed!

He starts to attack the two women despite being tied. Pamela comes from behind and knocks him out.

PAMELA Put him on the table and I'll get the vaccine.

Pamela uses the needle as the man slowly wakes up.

BILL The hunger, it's gone! You did it!
PAMELA You can get back to living a normal life.

Pam turns to Janice and Sara.

PAMELA You should get back. Now that we know it works, I will create a large supply of the vaccine and we can begin the innoculations tomorrow.

Turning to the man.

PAMELA You must tell the other men and prepare them to be innoculated.

BILL I will. And thank you.

The man leaves and Pamela begins making more of the vaccine.

Scene 17
Bill is on the path where he runs into another man.

BILL Great news! The Doctor has found a cure for our hunger.

Just then, Norelle and Gabrielle appear with 2 soldiers.

GABRIELLE Is that right? I'll have to pay a visit to the doctor.
(She turns to Norelle.)
We can't have them telling anyone else about this. Deal with them!

Norelle shoots both men as Gabrielle walks away.

Scene 18
Gabrielle enters the doctor's lab and pulls a gun out.

GABRIELLE I should have known it was you.

PAMELA What are you doing here?

GABRIELLE I want the vaccine. With it, I can control the men and have them do exactly what I want.

PAMELA No, I won't let you!

GABRIELLE You have no choice. Take her.
And then return with help to get all the vaccine she's created.

She has Pamela taken away by her guards.

Scene 19
Gabrielle meets with the leader of the men. She lies about how long the vaccine is good for.

GABRIELLE I have the cure for your disease .
But you have to agree to work with me, not against me.
And the vaccine is only good for a 30 days.
You must receive an injection every month or you will return to being flesh eating creatures.

They agree.

Scene 20
Janice and Sara come to where Pamela is being held. There are 2 guards there.

JANICE Gabrielle sent us to bring the doctor to her.

GUARD We've gotten no such orders. She's not going anywhere.

Janice then hits one guard as Sara does the same to the other. The release Pamela and they run out of the building.

Scene 21
They are running down the path when they are intercepted by 3 men. There is a struggle and Sara manages to get away. The other two are captured and have their hands tied behind them. They are led into camp where Jake is with some other men.

PAMELA You must listen to me. It wasn't Gabrielle that developed the vaccine, it was me.
She stole it so she could control you.

MIKE How do I know you're not just trying to save your own asses by coming up with this story?
Sara comes out of the brush.

SARA Then, believe me.

MIKE Sara, you're alive? I thought you were dead!

SARA I managed to escape into the woods and joined Gabrielle's mercenaries to survive.

MIKE Thank god. (They embrace.) So now what?

PAMELA We have to get the vaccine back.
They've stored it in a barn under Gabrille's control.

MIKE Then we have to get the vaccine back.

Scene 22
The men and Pamela make their way to a warehouse where the ingredients are being stored. After a brief battle, the ingredients are taken and Pamela begins making the vaccine.

Scene 23
Gabrielle is interupted during an experiment with the news that Pam and the men have gotten the ingredients for the vaccine.

SOLDIER The doctor and the men have gotten everything they need to produce the vaccine.

GABRIELLE Then it's time for Plan B.

Scene 24
Once the vaccine has been administered, the men and Pamela make their plans to stop the sisters' reign of terror.

PAMELA If we could capture one of the sisters, we'd have leverage in dealing with the other one.


JANICE Gabrielle doesn't suspect that I have been aiding you.
I could try to lead her or Norelle into a trap.
I could tell her I know where you have the vaccine stored.

PAMELA OK, that sounds like a plan. Let's work out the details.

Scene 25
Janice approaches Norelle.

JANICE My informant has told me where the rebels are storing the vaccine.
We could destroy it and then the men would have to come to us for it..
But only a couple of us should go. Sara and I can do it.

NORELLE No, I'll go with you. I don't want any mistakes!

She contacts Gabrielle.

NORELLE I'm on my way to destroy the rebels' cache of the vaccine.
GABRIELLE Good. And I'll pursue my own backup plan.

She goes over to a container that has a sign saying toxic chemicals.

GABRIELLE You're coming with me.

The two leave.

Scene 26
Norelle, Janice and Sara make their way through the woods and come to a cleaing that has a tarp covering boxes. There are 2 men guarding it.

NORELLE We have to kill them!

JANICE Not this time! NOW!

Upon hearing her yell, the two men and others come out of the woods and hold their weapons at Norelle.

NORELLE So, you're a traitor?

JANICE No, you're the traitor to live off the misery of others.
Make sure she doesn't get away.

Norelle suddenly attacks the men and grabs a gun and kills them both and then runs off. Janice and Sara are in pursuit. There is a brief gun battle before Sara and Janice catch up with Norelle where Sara gets her revenge on Norelle by knocking her out.

Scene 29
Pam receives a message.

VOICE Gabrielle has been seen headed toward the river carrying a container of toxic materials.

PAM She has to be stopped.
She may be preparing to contaminate the water supply in some way.
We've got to spread out and locate her.

Scene 30
Gabrielle and the mercenary come to the water's edge. She opens the case and sets a timer.
GABRIELLE We'll plant this in the water upstream.

Suddenly Pam and Joyce show up.

PAM Gabrielle, it's over! We have Norelle and the men have been cured. You're finished!

I'm not done yet!

She pulls out her guns and shoots at Pam and Joyce and they duck behind a tree.

I'll distract them while you put this in position.

The mercenary jumps into the stream and heads upstream.

PAM You go after her and I'll deal with Gabrielle.
Joyce follows and catches up with the soldier where they fight in the water. As they struggle, the case floats away. Joyce finally drowns the soldier, but doesn't see the case anywhere.

Gabrielle sees the case floating free and is trying to kill time until the explosion. Pam doesn't see the case floating by. Pam manages to sneak behind Gabrielle and holds the gun on her.
PAM It's over!

GABRIELLE I don't think so!

She makes a move that knocks the gun from Pam's hand. They fight until the force of Pam going into Gabrielle force them into the water. They fight and Gabrielle gets the upper hand, but Pam's aid shows up and helps knock Gabrielle out.

JOYCE The case has disappeared.

PAM We've got to find it. No telling what she was up to.

They drag Gabrielle out of the water. Joyce suddenly looks back and sees the case. She jumps into the water and grabs the case just as it explodes.

PAM Oh, my god!

Gabrielle gets the gun from Pam and points it at Pam.

A toxin has been released into the water that mimics the old virus,
but I'm the only one with an antidote.

(She smiles. Close up as the gun is pointed directly at the camera.)

Did you really think the good guys would win?

Fade to black.
The End?

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