W.A.V.E.’s Best Drowning Clips


See clips of our most gruesome drownings with some of our best shots ever!

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Included are scenes from Dead in the PoolDead In The Pool 2The Chloroformed ModelDeadly EncounterPsycho DanceVirgin SacrificesVegas Showgirl Strangler, and WAVE’s very first drowning scene from 1988 in Witchfinder! All your favorite stars are here: Tina Krause, Dawn Murphy, Vanessa Carlton, Debbie D, Pamela Sutch, Dakotah, Barbara Joyce, Elizabeth Raven, Laura Giglio, Lonna Cottrell, and Clancey McCauley, with a special appearance by one of WAVE’s earliest stars: Chris Stonage.
(60 min.)

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