Double Feature 5


Two feature-length tales of death and murder!

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Two feature-length tales of death and murder! In STRANGLED CONS, Debbie D and Pamela Sutch are inmates on the run. After murdering someone they encounter in the woods, they rob a camper (Dean Paul) and then shoot him, leaving him for dead. But he survives, and is now out for revenge! One by one, he captures them, binds and gags them, and then has his way with them. (40 min.)

In DEATH BY QUICKSAND, Pamela Sutch plays a bitchy model to Dean Paul´s foreign sounding photographer. But he´s not what he appears to be. He hypnotizes the unsuspecting model and has her remove her clothes. After taking the photos he wants, he has her get dressed again in her vinyl top, leather shirt, and thigh high boots. He then orders her to walk into the quicksand pit to her doom! (40 min.)

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