Serena Powers 2: Perfect Prey


W.A.V.E´S sexiest private detectives are back!

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W.A.V.E´S sexiest private detectives are back!
Serena Powers (Barbara Joyce) and Lisa McKay (Tina Krause) return, but in two different cases, but this time, one will live and one will die! Leaving her assistant Lisa behind, Serena travels east to help a friend, Miranda (Suzi Leigh) try to uncover the truth about a white slavery ring in and around Atlantic City.

GW Lawrence co-stars as the shady doctor who might be responsible for the disappearances along with his sexy assistant, Debbe D. Laura Giglio and newcomers Andi Finn and Christy Campa play the unfortunate kidnap victims. While trying to rescue her friend, Serena is captured and placed in a deathtrap in which she faces being gassed to death! But when Serena travels east, Lisa once again tries to prove herself as a detective. She travels northwest and is hired to go deep undercover as a TV news reporter named Angelique Devereau in order to learn the truth about a bizarre murder case involving the rich and famous. But as Lisa gets closer to learning who the real murderer is, she’s attacked by a masked killer and must fight for her very life. But this time, there will be NO escape for one of them! Either Serena or Lisa will die! Learn who will survive in “Perfect Prey”. Also starring Pamela Sutch and Luke Marlowe.
(70 min.)

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