Real Crime Videos 4

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The Kidnapped Wife + The Burglar: Deadly Kidnapping

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In “The Kidnapped Wife“, Tracey Lixx stars as a wife who’s left alone for the weekend when her husband, Jake, goes on a camping trip with his twin brother, Jeb. But she finds herself terrorized by a masked killer who constantly attacks and chloroforms her! But after each attack, she wakes up and finds herself in her own bed! Is it just a series of nightmares? Or is it all too real? Find out in this twisting mystery when all is revealed at the end of this shocking thriller!

In “The Burglar: Deadly Kidnapping“, Scream Queen Christine Cavalier and Diana Lea star as two women who find themselves kidnapped and completely helpless at the hands of a kidnapper (Aven Warren). He carries them off from their own home to an unknown location where the drugs the women and then takes photos of them.
(total time 50 min.)

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    This is a great movie!

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