Love Object


Tina Krause stars as a submissive actress who finds herself the “love object” of a rich Countess!


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THE LOVE OBJECT! Unrated Director’s Cut
Tina Krause stars as a submissive actress who finds herself the “love object” of a rich Countess!
Forced to dress in sexy lingerie, wrists tied behind her back, Tina is prepared for her ordeal by the Countess’ assistant (Deana).
She’s told that she’s going to be left chained in the barn until the Countess arrives.
She’s helpless to resist as she flashes back to the last time she was in the barn when she was whipped into unconsciousness by the Countess!
What horrible fate awaits her? This is one of Tina’s sexiest roles ever and WAVE first feature-length video download!


BONUS: See a photo gallery of Tina’s sexiest poses during production. (This is available on the DVD only)
(50 min.)

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