Psycho Charlie Returns 1 & 2


Charlie’s back, crazier than ever! Now he thinks he’s a mad scientist.

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Charlie’s back, crazier than ever! Now he thinks he’s a mad scientist. At least he’s got the “mad” part right! Along with his “creature”, Charlie’s out to kidnap and experiment on as many people as he can, but not before he dances with all of them first! But the intrepid Officer Johns (Dave Castiglione) is hot on his trail. That’s right! The same officer Johns who rescued everyone in Psycho Dance, but couldn’t save anyone in Psycho Vampire! Will he be any more successful this time out or will his own girlfriend, Gina (Dawn Murphy) die at the hands of Charlie and his bizarre experiments? Also starrring Tina Krause as a jogger who’s kidnapped and experimented on, Laura Giglio as a reporter who finds dying once doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the end, Pamela Sutch as a forest ranger who runs across Charlie in the woods, and introducing newcomers Laurel Kornfeld and Heather Brassner as Charlie’s first victims.

Time is running out and Gina is Charlie’s helpless captive. Part 2 also stars Pamela Sutch as a forest ranger who’s captured and then thrown into a quicksand bog, Terri Lewandowski as a woman who finds herself helpless in Charlie’s lab, and Cristie Clark and Deana as two friends who are captured and experimented on before being killed.


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