Legal Entrapment


Turnabout follows two bank robbers, Bev and Candy (Kassie and Dawn), who plan to rob the bank in which Bev works.

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Debbie D stars as Ann, lawyer Barbara Damon’s (Dawn Murphy) scheming secretary.
Ann wants Barbara’s boyfriend and will stop at nothing to get him!
Using black magic and voodoo, Ann transports Barbara deep into a swamp where living vines drag Barbara kicking screaming into a quicksand bog!
Will Ann’s twisted plan work?
Will Barbara survive?
And what part does guest star Tina Krause play in all this?
The only thing for sure is that two of them will die, one in the quicksand and the other drowned in her own bathtub!
If you like quicksand, and s, this is the tape for you!
(80 min.)


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