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"Crooked Politics"
Written by John Bradley

Senator Sharon Conrad is a rising young star in the Halls of Congress. She's honest, compassionate, and never intimidated by corrupt lawmakers or greedy lobbyists. Sharon plays by the rules, but sometimes the rules don't apply. Especially when she's suddenly forced to fight for her life. Dawn Murphy stars as a beautiful young Senator who is kidnapped and threatened by a bitter, insane rival in Crooked Politics. The campaign ended months ago, but Sharon's landslide victory wasn't enough to convince her evil opponent to accept defeat. Senator Conrad is abducted from her home and taken to a remote forest where she's forced to participate in a dangerous political debate. Sharon struggles through the dense forest leaving much of what she was wearing behind until she's dressed only in her torn jacket, tank top, and panties. Sharon attempts to outwit her captors as an FBI Agent (and skilled martial artist) risks his life to rescue her. As they battle to survive in this action-packed tale, they discover that anything is fair in the world of Crooked Politics.

Also starring Leonard Kabasinski from Killer Wolf Films, Roddy Murphy and Matthew Jacobs

BONUS: Order Crooked Politics and get the DVD of "Legal Entrapment" starring Dawn Murphy and Debbie D for only $15.00! Due to black magic, Dawn finds herself in a swamp where she slowly loses her clothes and is attacked by living vines that drag her into a quicksand bog.

"Crooked Politics" DVD $25   
"Crooked Politics" DVD
with bonus "Legal Entrapment" $40

Pamela Sutch, Leigh Jacobs in
Operation Storm Cloud"Operation Storm Cloud"

They say lightning never strikes twice, but anything can happen when an evil genius invents a terrifying device that threatens homeland security. Dr. Samantha Bradley (Leigh Jacobs) is a gorgeous and caring young physician who tries to outsmart a dangerous criminal in Operation Storm Cloud. It was just another day at the office for Dr. Bradley, but her long journey home includes unexpected encounters with rough terrain, attacking vines and deadly lightning bolts! Brenda Sampson (Pamela Sutch) is a beautiful but evil scientist who controls a frightening machine that generates brutal and powerful artificial lightning. And ... oh yes ... Brenda happens to be a skilled Martial artist who takes on a federal agent in hand-to-hand combat! A top secret federal investigation, beautiful women, a spiteful villain and intense action sequences. Operation Storm Cloud has it all! Also starring ... Mike Lieberman and Gene Pierce


Project Gamma Ray"Project Gamma Ray"

If you're a fan of the original Twilight Zone series, you'll enjoy this dramatic and mysterious sci-fi thriller. Very Voluptuous Scream queens Zoe Hunter and Rebecca Anderson star as two intelligent women who encounter danger and suspense in a remote wilderness. Zoe portrays Dr. Alison Palmer, a brilliant scientist who invents a device that can instantly transport people to any location on Earth. Rebecca portrays a helpful Air Force Colonel who supports Alison's research. But what happens when this Top Secret device gets into the wrong hands? Alison and the Colonel embark on a frightening adventure as they confront a hostile environment and a dangerous criminal. Both women are attacked by deadly vines and end up running through the woods dressed only in their underwear! Also starring Stewart Mead and Garrison Chance.