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 Sleepwalker Strangler


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F & C Productions


In this twist-filled erotic thriller, a college student in search of a professor's missing niece becomes entangled with the small town's criminal underbelly including sexy prostitutes, vile gangsters and thuggish hitmen. Hot women appear at every turn, just not the one he's looking for. Even with the help of a sexy hooker, will he live long enough to find out what really going on? Starring Tamra Redmond, Heather Storm (National Lampoon's Dorm Days 2, Epic Movie, Lost Treasure of the Maya) and Shannon with Tom Shaffer and Robert Olin, both from Deadly Premonitions. Also features Jenny Wallace (Planet of the Erotic Ape, Hookers in a Haunted House).

(71 min.)

"Underbelly" DVD $20   

"Truly Dreadful Tales"

Four tales of terror!!!

W.A.V.E. favorite Laura Giglio stars in the "Death Nurse" segment, playing Donna, caretaker to a recently deceased millionairre. She and her boyfriend are excited about the old coot leaving his money to her, but when they start seeing the old man's ghost, they wonder if their dream has turned into a nightmare!

In the "TreeSprit" segment, a woman is surrounded by abuse - from her boss to her boyfriend. She seeks solice in the woods. There her cries are heard by a spirit of vengeance that takes form and punishes those who have wronged the woman.

In the "BeetleManiac" segment, sexy Isabelle Stephen (Diary of Nightmares) rushes home for a quick shower because she has a blind date with Luc Bernier. He arrives, but grosses her out with his tales of his scientific work with insects. Then things get really buggy!

In the "Crazed" segment, a busty young girl goes clubbing and awakes the next morning with a strange mark on her neck and a growing insanity. Friends come by, but she continues to transform into a crazed maniac!

(60 min.)

"Truly Dreadful Tales" DVD $20   

"Deadly Premonitions"

Carrie, a young woman, gets a gift certificate for her birthday for a session with a local psychic. At first she thinks it's silly but figures that since it's free, she'll go. The psychic reveals horrible news - that Carrie will be surrounded by death and blood! She flees and gets on with arranging her upcoming high school reunion. One by one, the classmates she calls turn up strangled or stabbed in brutal murders! What is the strange connection? Could the psychic have been right? This bloody thriller features Toni Draggon (Sleepwalker Strangler, Cold as Soul)

(76 min.)

"Deadly Premonitions" DVD $20