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 Debbie D
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Actors and Actresses Wanted!
Click here for Debbie D's Lawyer Luau
“The Ultimate Fantasy Queen”

Check out Debbie D's official web site!
Debbie D Official Web Site

The following videos were shot and produced by Debbie D. All the videos star Debbie D and a talented group of actors and actresses. All of these tapes and DVDs will be sent out by Debbie herself. Look them over and order what you want.

DESTINY MODEL KIT         Own the 5 piece Destiny model kit crafted as “DESTINY - VAMPIRE MERMAID”, the comic character created by Ronn Foss, co-created by Dennis Druktenis and sculpted by Ian Coulter. $120.00 plus $20 for insurance and shipping. (NJ residents must add 7% sale tax.)
Destiny Model Kit: $140   

Below is a partial list of videos and photographs done by Debbie for New Faces Productions...

"Carnage in a Coffee Shop" and "Battered, Splattered, & Drowned"
The abuse, violtion and murder of three unfortunate women and one evil medallion!
starring Debbie D, Luke Marlowe and Bill Arthur

(20 minutes) Watch Debbie D in this playful, video where she tries on different size shirts to match her water filled balloon size boob assortment. Which size will she choose, and will she get lucky in the end with her new chesty set?

(20 minutes) Tortured, hanged and blown to death, literally Watch Debbie D take you, the viewer, to your death in High Strung, blown alive.

(40 minutes) This lovely and sexy witch cannot seem to find a loyal boyfriend, so she whips up a magical potion and creates the perfect crime, devouring the evidence.

(29 minutes) Three scenes of a misbehaved wife. Will she learn her lesson or will she always have a red, sore behind?


Babes in the WoodsBabes In The Woods” Debbie D teams up with her friend, Debbie Dutch and they decide to take off all their clothes in the middle of a public park, and enjoy each other.

30 minutes     Public full

Countess D” Shot mostly on location in Downtown Philadelphia, Debbie D meets Count Black (Dr. Chud - Drummer for the Misfits Band”) with laying in a coffin and some .
30 minutes     

Countess Dcaptured With A Twist” Debbie D is captured, held in captured, stripped and tortured.
30 minutes     captured in bingerie

The Hiney Show” Several sexual scenes of Debbie D’s bare butt, and more.
30 minutes      and sexuality

Bubbles and Sexual Fun” Two scenes where Debbie D strips naked and takes a bath and where, on a photo shoot, she is mesmerized by a sheer net tent.
30 minutes      and sexuality

Arthur's Shooting Pains Arthur’s Shooting Pains” series
Choose from five great tapes!
Three to five scenes of shots and blood in each!
30 minutes     Some / sheer.     $30.00 each

Arthur’s Shooting Pains #1
This is a 3 part tape of a pretty girl getting shot.
* In the first story she is kidnapped and is hanging in chains.
* In the second, she is being photographed and is "shot" by the photographer
* In the third, she is relaxing at home, strips for a bubble bath and is shot by an intruder.

Arthur’s Shooting Pains #2
This is a 6 part story.
* First she wakes up being bound, wearing lingerie, in her own bed.
* Next she is the unfaithful wife who gets a quick divorce.
* In black lace bra and panties she is captive in chains and a leg spreading pole.
* Sexy photo model strips, puts on black lace undies and is "shot".
* Woman in white lingerie, is relaxing and has a home intruder.
* Young girl asks photographer for a sexual shoot.

Arthur’s Shooting Pains #3
This is a 6 part story.
* Outdoor photo shoot goes inside to do more revealing photos.
* Sexy girl on phone, strips nude while changing, and is shot by jealous husband
* Sexy maid is punished by her employer.
* Sexy woman, in sheer outfit, gets a gift and strips for her gift giver.
* A couple, at home, fight over the TV show as we see who wins.
* Wife gets new sexy toy and into bed captured with husband.

Arthur’s Shooting Pains #4
This is a 6 part story.
* Woman, relaxing at home in her bra and panties, is surprised by a burglar.
* A pretty mob girl, rated on the boss and has a hit out on her.
* She comes home from a tennis match and gets caught by her husband.
* A whore is naked on the bed and wants to "see what he’s got".
* She changes from white lace lingerie to white satin before being shot.
* Model on a "go see" changes in and out of many sexy lingerie outfits.

Arthur’s Shooting Pains #5
This is a 6 part story.
* Kidnapped girl, in bra and panties, is held for ransom, but they won’t pay.
* Wife makes annoying phone call at the wrong time.
* A newlywed make confessions that lead to a dead end.
* A ditzy and vain model is hired for a "quick shoot".
* A housewife likes her sexual things, rather than the gun her husband brings.
* A model at a convention is pestered by a fan who wants special consideration.

Debbie also stars in four videos that are similar in content to the
"Arthur's Shooting Pains" videos, except with more violence!
The "Dear John" Letters - Part 1    $30

The "Dear John" Letters - Part 2    $30

The "Dear John" Letters - Part 3    $30

The "Dear John" Letters - Part 4    $30

The Dear John Letters - Part 3
The "Dear John" Letters - Part 5    $30
(The Lacerated Librarian)
Debbie plays three different women in this story
* a sexy, stuck up librarian and * her blonde girlfriend are both killed and attacked in the office, plus
* the police woman tracking down the killer, who is overcome, humiliated with captured and ravaged in the bath tub.
The "Dear John" Letters - Part 6    $30
(Evil Finds A New Home)
Debbie D and Luke Marlowe star in this new drama of sex, magical powers and down right nastiness. Debbie D plays the parts of four young and sexy girls, who are caught up in the mystery surrounding a medallion, which has come into the possession of Luke Marlowe. He is happy with his new found powers and he doesn't care what he does with them. (, implied sex, strong language) (53 min.)


Set #21v Debbie D and Deana (The Blood Sisters) Both totally nude and bloody.
10 4x6 color photos

Set #1aa W.A.V.E. Movie stills and promos Shot on W.A.V.E. sets.
15 4x6 color photos

Set #9j Sexy Vampires exposed Debbie D as sexual Vampires
20 4x6 color photos

8x12 Very Revealing Color Photograph of DEBBIE D Au Natural, by the fireplace

Order 8x10 photos of Debbie from such movies as THE TIME TRAVELERS, PSYCHO CHARLIE JR., RETRIBUTION, and more.
Don’t forget to send $3.00 for a complete catalog of all of Debbie’s merchandise.

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