Cast of Characters:
Gabrielle Whitmore/Firebrand I
Stephanie Whitmore/Firebrand II (Gabrielle's daughter)
Paine Whitmore/Tyranus (Gabrielle's son)
Rebecca Whitmore/Firebelle (Gabrielle's mother)
Thomas Whitmore (Gabrielle's father)'
The Dark Witch
Dr. Michael Warren (trains Firebrand)
Jared Paul/Dark Shroud II (Gabrielle's ex-lover, son of the original Dark Shroud)

Scene opens up in a living room setting. Gabrielle is wearing a stylish dress for a date and is about to leave when her mother Rebecca enters through the door dressed in business casual attire.

Gabrielle (abrupt and attempting to leave quickly): Hi, Mom.

Rebecca (a little startled but wisely blocking the doorway): Hi, honey. Where're you going dressed like that?

Gabrielle: A date, Mom. You know, with my boyfriend, Jared he came over for dinner a few nights ago...

Rebecca (expressing a mix of reservation and disapproval): Yes Jared Paul did your father and I tell you that we liked him?

Gabrielle: No, you didn't but you're not the one dating him. I am. What do you have against him, anyhow?

Rebecca: He came off as a used car salesman to your father and even worse for me. Neither of us trust him he kept dodging what are pretty common questions or changed the subject altogether.

Gabrielle: Such as?

Rebecca: What does he do for a living? Is he a student? Does he do some kind of trade? I don't know because he never gave us a straight answer. Look, if he's unemployed or working in a minimum wage job, that's not for us to judge as to what kind of person he is. But, what we will be judgmental about is when he's being deceptive like he was during dinner.

Gabrielle: Mom, he is not being interviewed for a job at Dad's company or applying for aid from the state from you. He just wants to have a little fun and romance with me is that so wrong? If you must know, he's paid for every date and isn't mooching off of me or using our family as his meal ticket. And you're being SO hypocritical all those years of hosting social events to promote Dad's company or charity fundraisers that you and he participated in you and Dad treated it like a competition: who had the prettiest dress who had the prettiest wife who put on most weight who had the worst hairpiece who's kids were doing the best in school or athletics

Rebecca: It's not a competition and that sort of gossip at those functions are just part of the environment we're in but this isn't about me or your Dad. This is about you. I don't trust him.

Gabrielle (irritated and hurt): I'm sorry that you feel that way, Mom. He's just going to have to earn it from you and Dad, then.

Before Rebecca can respond, Gabrielle quickly bypasses her mother and leaves the house. She gets into her car and drives off. Camera fades out.

Camera fades in with Thomas Whitmore pulling into the driveway. He gets out of the car and is dressed in formal business attire. He enters the house and finds Rebecca at the dinner table with a half filled glass of wine.

Thomas: Rough day at the office, honey?

Rebecca: No, it's our daughter. She's off on another date with that creep Jared.

Thomas (pulls a wine glass out from the case and pours himself some): Oh, I wouldn't worry too much. She's dated jerks before and Gabrielle will smell a rat out soon enough. He'll be yesterday's news before you know it.

Rebecca: I don't know, Thomas. There's just something about him that doesn't feel right.

Camera fades out.

Scene 1
Scene opens up in a bedroom setting. Gabrielle is dressed in a lingerie outfit and laying seductively on the bed. The room is intimately lit with candles and subdued lighting.

Gabrielle (smiling): You like?

Jared (smiling back and unbuttoning his dress shirt): Oh yes very nice, Gabrielle very sexy what's the occasion?

Gabrielle: My way of saying thanks after our last date, Jared Mom and Dad really seemed to like you when we had dinner with them and our special dessert we enjoyed afterwards.

Jared (crawls onto the bed and gently caresses and kisses her): You're welcome ready?

Gabrielle (giggling slightly): For what?

Jared (pulling out some silk scarves from underneath the pillow): Oh, something a little different.

Gabrielle smiles and playfully places her wrists together, allowing them to be bound together. However, Jared instead forces Gabrielle onto her stomach and ties her wrists together with a silk scarf, tightening the knots.

Gabrielle (testing the bonds while making a sour face): Ow! What're you doing? That hurts! Why are these so tight, Jared? (Jared doesn't answer) Jared, answer me!

Jared still says nothing but ties her ankles together with another silk scarf despite her kicking, and then gags her with a third scarf. Jared then rolls her up in a bed sheet to where only her head is protruding out, places her over his shoulder, and carries her out of the bedroom despite Gabrielle's kicking and protests. He takes her outside and loads her into the trunk of his car.

Jared: All will be settled soon enough, Gabrielle.

Jared closes the trunk of the car. Camera fades out.

Scene 2
Scene opens up with Gabrielle handcuffed at her wrists in front of her body. Either chains or rope (or a combination of both) is wrapped around her torso, legs, and ankles. She's in the tank that's already halfway filled with water. Jared is now in his villain costume as the Dark Shroud.

Gabrielle (struggling): Jared, what the hell is this? Are you crazy!?

Dark Shroud: Hardly. All I said before, all will be settled. It's time I told you a little story, Gabrielle. Once upon a time, there was a great sorcerer named the Dark Shroud who was destined to become undisputed crime lord of Faraday City. But then a young upstart heroine named Firebelle robbed him of his destiny, stopping his ascension. Soon after being beaten and turned over to the authorities, the state saw fit to see him executed for his crimes.

Gabrielle: What does that have to do with me? Or even you!?

Dark Shroud: Gabrielle, that has everything to do with you and especially your mother Rebecca, known to the outside world once as Firebelle. Contrary to popular belief, super-villains do have families, and blood feuds are our specialty. It's taken me years to track your family down, but after I met you, I had to know for sure. Dinner with your parents confirmed everything I suspected.

Gabrielle: What are you talking about? My mother's no superhero! She's a social worker!

Dark Shroud: Really? Is THAT what they told you? When she unexpectedly left during the day? Or in the middle of the night? To deal with some homeless family in crisis? You're more naÔve than I ever imagined, Gabrielle.

Dark Shroud then gags Gabrielle with a cloth.

Dark Shroud (filling the tank with more water): I suppose you're really pissed off at your Mom and Dad for lying to you all these years, but look at this way: you won't stay mad long because you'll be dead soon. As for your Mom and Dad I'm waiting until after the funeral. Then I'll take my time to bleed them slow and make them suffer. Of course, that'll be after I cut out their tongues so they can't scream maybe they'll get lucky and choke on their own blood before I go to work on them.

Gabrielle curses at Dark Shroud through the gag.

Dark Shroud: You can thank me later.

Dark Shroud then closes the tank to drown her and leaves.

Gabrielle struggles, but begins to get more and more hysterical. The water starts to boil. Flames start erupting in the water and finally there's a big fireball from which the girl stands up, unhurt and free. Her clothes are all burned and hanging in tatters, just covering vital parts.

Gabrielle: What just happened to me .?

Camera fades out.

Scene 3
Camera transitions to the entrance of the police station at nighttime. Thomas Whitmore arrives with a gym bag of clothes, and shoes, and checks in with the desk sergeant.

Desk Sergeant: Can I help you, sir?

Thomas: I'm Thomas Whitmore. I was called by Detective John Feliciano regarding my daughter, Gabrielle Whitmore. Can I please see her?

Desk Sergeant: (checks file and makes a quick call) She's finishing her statement to the investigating officer. Detective Feliciano will be with you shortly and will take you to her.

Thomas: Thanks.

Camera transitions with Thomas holding his daughter while they walk out of the police station together. Gabrielle is now dressed in the regular clothes that her father brought over. They're walking in the parking lot to the car.

Thomas: Are you okay, Gabrielle? I didn't want to press the detective, but

Gabrielle: (appears to be in partial shock): I'll be okay, Dad I just want to go home and rest.

Thomas: Did they check you out medically? Were you hurt?

Gabrielle: The paramedics did and found no injuries. I'm just really tired and kind of confused.

Thomas (opening the car door for her): Confused? About what?

Gabrielle (suddenly awake and alert): Dad where's Mom?

Thomas takes a deep breath with an awkward pause.

Gabrielle (more stern tone): Dad, where is she?

Thomas: Honey, we need to talk but not here.

Gabrielle (doesn't get in the car and closes the door, takes a harsh tone with him): Dad, some psycho tried to kill me for something Mom did years ago that I have no idea about. He said that she was some kind of costumed hero named Firebelle who defeated someone named the Dark Shroud. Have you and Mom really been lying to me all this time? I need answers, Dad, not vague responses. One minute I'm about to die from drowning, and the next thing you know I create an explosion and burn off most of my clothes with powers that I don't know how to control.

Thomas Whitmore remains quiet and dumbfounded. Gabrielle impatiently looks around them.

Gabrielle: There's no one else around, Dad answer me! Or, do I walk and seek answers on my own since I can't trust my own father and mother!?

Thomas (ashamed and embarrassed): You're right to be angry with us, Gabrielle. Your mother and I promised each other that we'd do everything we could to protect you, even if that meant lying to you at times. But don't condemn your mother for a sin that I asked her to commit. She wanted to tell you about her identity, but I asked her not to, and I made her put her loyalty to me as my wife ahead of her love of you as your mother.

Gabrielle (calming down): Dad, what's this all about? Was the stuff I heard remotely true?

Thomas: Yes. It is. All of it.

Gabrielle is visibly shaken by the revelation yet irritated about being lied to.

Thomas: If you can find it in you to have a little faith in me in spite of what's happened, let me take you home where I can explain everything and where your mother is right now.

Gabrielle (half-smile, mix of love and sarcasm in tone): Dad, you know I'll always love you, but if you pull a stunt like that again, I am SO going to kick your ass.

Thomas (chuckles slightly): You know, your mother said the same thing to me after I proposed to her.

Thomas opens the car door for his daughter and Gabrielle gets in.

Camera fades out.

Scene 4
Camera fades in to a living room setting. Thomas Whitmore pulls out a small photo album kept in a case and hands it Gabrielle. Gabrielle opens it and sees photos of her mother in costume as Firebelle.

Thomas: Your mother was code named Firebelle. She belonged to the Division of Lethal Ladies, known as the DOLL Squad and worked for the U.S. government. At the time, I was a young industrialist working on new tech to support the DOLL Squad and it was how your mother and I met. We got married and after a couple years, we had you. Your mother took some time off, but not long after you were born she wanted to be back in action again and rejoined the DOLL Squad.

Gabrielle: What finally made her stop?

Thomas: Do you remember that really bad car accident we got into when you were about nine? You were supposed to sing as part of the school chorus for the Christmas show.

Gabrielle (pauses to think): No.

Thomas: Exactly. The trauma was so severe that you don't remember the incident. The Dark Shroud and your mother battled a few times before, ending in a stalemate of sorts. She stopped his plan, but he escaped. This time, though, the Dark Shroud learned your mother's secret identity and attacked us as we were driving to the school. The car was destroyed and I barely got you out before it exploded. You were unconscious. Your mother took to the sky and stopped him. This time, though, he was turned over the police. It wasn't much consolation, since you were severely injured. The paramedics took all three of us to the hospital and you were in a coma for eight days before coming out of it. The Dark Shroud was convicted and got the death penalty. The state even fast-tracked him to execution. Between that and from nearly losing you, your mother decided to retire. She wanted to tell you then, but I talked her out of it. We've had it quiet for years until

Gabrielle: Until his son came after me. He told me his plan was to kill me and then go after you and Mom after the funeral.

Thomas: There's more.

Gabrielle: What? Who?

Thomas: As Firebelle, your mother battled a lot of villains as part of the DOLL Squad and made lifelong friends. You probably don't remember them, but at least half of the guests at your first birthday were her teammates from the DOLL Squad in their civilian identities.

Scene transitions to a flashback with Topaz (in costume) arriving at the Whitmore household and meets Rebecca, who's still in civilian clothes. The two are talking/arguing as Thomas explains the scene in a voiceover.

Thomas (voiceover): Earlier tonight, a heroine named Topaz came. It was the first time in years that she had any contact with your mother. Topaz explained that she needed her help for a mission overseas against villains working for someone known as Sovereign. Firebrand told her that she was retired, but then Topaz called in the debt owed to her. I didn't know this until now, but the injuries you suffered from the car accident were even more severe than I thought. Topaz had to use the power of her ring to transfer some of her life essence into you to save your life, even though it meant shortening her own lifespan. Apparently Topaz took the honor of being your godmother to heart.

Scene transitions to another flashback with Firebelle in her costume with a small duffel bag slung on her back. She leaves a note on the table, hugs her husband one more time before teleporting away with Topaz. Scene then transitions to the present time.

Thomas: I don't know where she went or who this Sovereign person is. She left this for you.

Gabrielle opens the letter and reads the note. Rebecca/Firebelle does the voiceover of the letter's contents.

My dearest Gabrielle,

Please forgive us for what we did. Forgive me for putting you at risk, and us for lying about who I was. Your father and I promised each other that we'd do everything we could to protect you, but I realize now that instead, we should have promised never to lie to you.
I'm helping others fight a terrible evil in a foreign place. I know that gives little solace while I'm gone, but I will see you again.
Always remember that I love you.


Gabrielle (folds up the letter): So, what happens now, Dad?

Thomas: Well, we both need to get some rest. Before I left to the police station, I called a friend and we'll be meeting him tomorrow at his place, but it's still a long drive to get there. Pack what you need for at least two weeks.

Gabrielle: Two weeks? Why?

Thomas: If what you said is true, then your ex-boyfriend Jared is planning to come after me next. By tomorrow evening, he'll also learn that you survived and will come after you as well. Based on what's happened, I doubt the local police will be enough to protect either of us. I know a safe house where I can go, and where I'm taking you, I know you'll be safe also.

Gabrielle: Dad, what's so special about your friend? Who is he? Where are we even going?

Thomas: He's Dr. Michael Warren with the DOLL Squad. He trained your mother. And he's going to train you.

Camera fades out.

Scene 5
Camera fades in with them pulling into a large but remote farm. It's nighttime, and Gabrielle is asleep in the front passenger seat while her Dad is in the driver's seat.

Thomas: We're here.

Gabrielle (waking up): A farm? Are you sure we're at the right place, Dad?

Thomas: Yes, since I help build this years ago. Looks can be deceiving.

Thomas and Gabrielle get out of their vehicle. Gabrielle is towing her suitcase. They're received by Dr. Michael Warren, who dressed like a research scientist in a lab coat. He's a few years older than Thomas Whitmore.

Michael: Thomas! It's great to see you again it's been years .is this Gabrielle? My goodness, she looks so much like Rebecca.

Thomas (shaking his hand): Likewise, Michael and yes, she certainly does. Dr. Michael Warren, this is my daughter, Gabrielle.

Michael: It's nice to meet you.

Thomas (referring to the lab coat): I thought you were supposed to blend in with the surroundings, Michael. You do live on a farm, you know.

Michael (acknowledging the lab coat): Oh, this? It's nothing. We're so remote out here no one even notices. Besides, I'd draw more unwanted attention if I was in a flannel shirt and jean overalls.

Michael then hands Gabrielle a set of keys.

Michael: Well, I have her room all set up. Thomas, are you staying or going to the safe house?

Thomas: I think it's best if I continue on to the safe house. I can work remotely from there and take care of loose ends.

Gabrielle: Dad? You're leaving already?

Thomas: Don't worry, I'll be in touch. I figured the last thing you'd want is your Dad hanging around while you're trying to train remember the early going when you were on the swim team?

Gabrielle: Duly noted.

Gabrielle then hugs her Dad.

Gabrielle: I love you, Daddy.

Thomas: I love you, too, Gabby. Be safe.

Gabrielle: You, too. You're the one without powers, remember?

Thomas nods and heads back to his car where he drives off.

Gabrielle: So, what happens next?

Thomas: Breakfast is served at 5 AM, and I'll see you in the main barn by 6. We're training from 6 to 6 with a 45-minute lunch break around noon, Monday thru Friday, and 6 to 12 on Saturday. Sunday is a recovery and personal day, unless there's a discipline issue. Morning focuses on physical training, and the afternoon focuses on mental exercises and tactics. If you miss a meal because you oversleep, that's on you.

Gabrielle: What if I'm late?

Thomas (calmly): Then we train longer until you get right and train twice on Sunday, of course. There's a site map in the room, and you can go wherever you like. Although I'd wouldn't walk barefoot in the cow pasture if I were you.

Scene transitions to a voiceover narration. Gabrielle is now in a generic bodysuit or unitard and training. She's flying in the sky, shooting targets with fireballs, and engaging targets in an indoor danger room.

Gabrielle (voiceover): I didn't think it was possible, but 30 days flew by like 30 minutes. Dr. Warren was meticulous in making sure I mastered control of my powers, and outfitted me with a special training bodysuit that didn't burn from them. Of course, I would later put my own personal touch on it soon enough.

Gabrielle (continues voiceover, scene transition to her in her new superhero costume): I inherited all of Mom's powers: flight, the ability to project flames, and even generate a heat shield to repel opposing energy attacks. Video chats with my Dad were frequent but brief I think my follow-on telephone interview with Detective Feliciano lasted longer. I learned that Jared Paul seemingly disappeared from existence: no known address, no living relatives, no internet activity, no credit card purchases made, no sightings, no nothing. Where he is and how he disappeared like that, I wish I knew .

Gabrielle strikes an action pose of excitement after successfully engaging several targets, analogous to a professional athlete making a big play.

Gabrielle(with excitement): YEAH!!!

Camera fades out.

Scene 6
Scene opens up with Dr. Warren and Gabrielle riding in a car. Dr. Warren is driving.

Michael: Are you sure about this? With your resources, you could probably get a private jet to take you home.

Gabrielle: Mom and Dad taught me not to squander the family fortune on something so frivolous. Flying coach is still better than taking a bus, and this way I don't repeat that incident of having bugs in my teeth if I flew on my own.

Michael: A wise decision. You know, it's about another thirty minutes before we reach the airport. Are there any burning questions you want to ask before I drop you off?

Gabrielle: Well, I am a little curious about what my Mom and Dad were like when they were younger. Honestly, early on, I didn't see much of my Mom for obvious reasons and they've always been protective of me.

Michael: At first glance, your Dad looked like any other engineer: average build and appearance, conservative haircut, and wore glasses. When you spoke to him, though, you immediately sensed something special in him. For me, I just knew, ëthis guy's got something. He has real talent.' Your Dad proved me right, and developed cutting edge technology for us and turned a small family-owned engineering firm into an international company.

Gabrielle: And my Mom?

Michael: Adventurous. Yes, that's the best way to describe her. They were immediately drawn to one another, although I'm a little surprised he made it back from their dates in one piece since he's not very athletic. One day they'd go waterskiing, another day hiking along the Appalachian trail, and even went parasailing a couple of times which is remarkable considering your father is afraid of heights. But, everyone knew that he was madly in love with her, so he went on all these excursions with her in spite of everything. Your Mom was a perfect fit for the DOLL Squad she loved the excitement. Granted, it was different world back then when she was in costume.

Gabrielle: Besides the Dark Shroud, are their any other of my mother's old enemies that I need to keep an eye out for?

Michael: Let's see Dr. Mayhem got the electric chair Baron Von Doom is still in Attica with life without parole oh, wait, there's the Dark Witch. She's mercenary who I believe is still active.

Gabrielle: Did they battle often?

Michael: Many times. In particular, in Powell Forest outside of Faraday City.

Scene transitions to a flashback sequences. The Dark Witch is in the air and Firebelle is in pursuit. Firebelle launches a barrage of fireballs that forces the Dark Witch to land in Powell Forest. Firebelle also lands.

Dark Witch: What's it gonna take to get you to leave me alone? Do I need to give you a cut of what I steal?

Firebelle (hands on her hips): Do you really expect me to answer that?

Dark Witch: No, it was really just to distract you for one of my spells.

Just then vines slither up Firebelle's legs while other vines lash out and grab Firebelle. Firebelle struggles put is pulled up against a tree where the vines wrap up pin her arms at her sides and wrap up her torso and legs.

The Dark Witch then casts another spell and a large pile of chains (or ropes) appears in her hands.

Dark Witch: Just in case.

The Dark Witch wraps and ties the chains (or ropes) around Firebelle's body to further restrain her to the tree.

Firebelle (struggling): You'll never get away with this, you know!!!

Dark Witch: Ha! Like I've never heard THAT before!

The Dark Witch takes a few steps back but stumbles into some large webbing. The Dark Witch struggles, but only gets herself further entangled in the webs and ends up trapped as well.

Dark Witch (cursing to the forest): Dammit the dark magic in this place is crazy! I'M ON YOUR SIDE!!!

Just then vines start slithering up the Dark Witch and Firebelle, where they begin to slowly strangle them.

Firebelle: What IS this place!?

Dark Witch: Powell Forest it's cursed. I was hoping to lose you here and let the forest take care of you!

Dark Witch and Firebelle struggle some more, but are slowly getting choked by the vines when Firebelle summons her power reserves. A small explosion erupts from her body and she emerges free of the bonds. Firebelle then launches a few fireballs to free Dark Witch, saving her life. Dark Witch is sprawled out on the ground and Firebelle recovers some of the ropes or chains to tie the Dark Witch's wrists behind her back to take her into custody.

Firebelle: Even someone like you doesn't deserve a fate like that.

Dark Witch stands up but is now bound.

Dark Witch: I'm not going to forget this, Firebelle.

Firebelle: Neither will I.

Firebelle then takes the captive Dark Witch in, walking her off the camera screen. Flashback transitions to the present time and they're nearing the airport and pull into the passenger drop-off area. Michael parks and helps Gabrielle get her luggage out of the trunk.

Michael: What will you do when you get home?

Gabrielle: The police case on Jared has gone cold I'm going to have to track him down on my own. I just wish I knew where to start.

Michael: I think you have two viable options. First, you could start with Powell Forest. It's remote; a connectivity dead-zone for wireless devices, and I've always heard that it's a reservoir of dark magic where the original Dark Shroud used to hide. The other option is what I've learned from experience: once you start resuming your normal life, he will come to you.

Gabrielle nods and heads into the airport terminal. Camera fades out.

Scene 7
Scene opens with Gabrielle in her Firebrand costume flying in the sky towards Powell Forest with a voiceover narrating the scene.

Gabrielle: Mom has always been a woman of action, and people tell me that I have too much of my mother in me. Maybe they're right, but the idea of waiting for him to come after me didn't sit well. So, I'm bringing the fight to him in Powell Forest. Even though it's a big place, maybe I can draw him out.

Gabrielle/Firebrand lands in an open clearing of the forest, searches through a short while but finds nothing beyond the remnants of an old campsite. Firebrand takes off back into the sky and lands in another part of the forest where she hears a man's laughter echo throughout the forest.

Firebrand: That's you, isn't it, Jared? Or should I call you the Dark Shroud, instead?

Dark Shroud (voice echoing): And who are you supposed to be? Firebelle's side-kick breaking out on her own?

Firebrand spins around and launches a small fireball, blasting the Dark Shroud from his hiding position. Dark Shroud staggers backwards, momentarily stunned.

Firebrand: Call me, Firebrand.

Dark Shroud: Firebrand, is it? So the apple really doesn't fall far from the tree, does it? You inherited your mother's powers I wonder if you inherited her weaknesses as well.

Dark Shroud casts a spell and Firebrand is doused with a heavy splash of water from above.

Firebrand (irritated): That's IT!? You have GOT to be kidding me!

Firebrand attempts to launch another fireball at him, but it fizzles.

Firebrand: What the hell!?

Dark Shroud: Hell had nothing to do with it, Firebrand. It's magical water that negates your flame powers. Now, let's see how tough you really are, rich girl

Dark Shroud unleashes a rapid barrage of magic bolts at Firebrand. Some she dodges, but takes the brunt of them and drops to a knee after staggering backwards a few steps from the blasts.

Dark Shroud casts another spell, summoning vines that slither and ensnare Firebrand. Firebrand tries to fight them off but can't. She's soon overpowered by the vines and ends up bound spread-eagled on the ground by the vines.

Dark Shroud: So, who was stupid enough to send a spoiled little rich girl to do a man's job? Sentinel? Alexandra Solace? Silverstorm?

Firebrand: I came alone

Dark Shroud: My point exactly

Dark Shroud saunters around the struggling Firebrand, abruptly stopping.

Dark Shroud: I sense something you you're pregnant with our child!

Firebrand: He'll never be yours!

Dark Shroud: On the contrary, you'll never see him!

He waves his hand and activates another spell as energy tendrils lash out at Firebrand's abdomen. Firebrand screams as a light is pulled out of her body.

Firebrand finally breaks free of the vines and is able to reactivate her powers, launching a rapid barrage of small fireballs at Dark Shroud. He generates a magic shield that is quickly shattered and dissipates from the damage it sustained.

Firebrand: What did you do to me, you sick bastard!?

Dark Shroud (mocking tone): I just saved you from months of morning sickness, swollen ankles, and a fat ass, that's what! The child is gone forever!!!

Firebrand is in shock, holding her stomach where the developing fetus should have been.

Dark Shroud (mocking tone): You can thank me later!!!!

Enraged, Firebrand creates a giant fireball that incinerates him, leaving just dust behind. Firebrand then drops to her knees and buries her face in her hands crying.

Scene fades out.

Scene 8
Screen flashes Three months later. Firebrand is flying in the sky and there's a voiceover narration.

Firebrand: It's been three months since I faced the Dark Shroud and his apparent destruction. Dad is back home and resuming life as normal. That is, about as normal as you get with Mom still being off somewhere fighting Lord knows what with Topaz. Despite no contact with Mom, Dad explained that in this case, ëNo news is good news,' because the only notification would be that she fell in battle and was dead. I don't know why, but I still find myself drawn to Powell Forest. Every couple days I pass by here, expecting to see something even though I have no idea of what that is.

Firebrand notices alone figure staggering through the woods from the sky. She lands and cautiously walks towards him. The man turns and transforms into his true form.

Firebrand: Who who are you?

Paine: Don't you recognize me, mother!? I am Paine, the son you deserted! But instead, call me TYRANUS!!!!

Tyranus then launches a barrage of magic bolts, blasting Firebrand several feet away and staggering.

Firebrand: This can't be true you you were stolen from me!


Firebrand (staggering backwards in shock while Tyranus is slowly following her): That's impossible you're a grown man my child wouldn't even be born for months!


Firebrand tries to defend herself but Tyranus' magic bolts repeatedly strike her. Firebrand is badly beaten and left for dead. Camera fades out.

Scene 9
Camera fades in with Dr. Michael Warren on the farm walking to the barn with tools in hand when he overhears an explosion from the field. Michael drops everything and rushes to the field where he find a severely injured and unconscious Firebrand on the ground with a note taped to her body.

I leave her in your care. When you see her mother, tell her that the debt I owed her has now been paid in full.
- The Dark Witch

Dr. Michael Warren looks around, sees no sign of the Dark Witch, and immediately goes to his mobile device.

Michael: This is Dr. Warren. I need air MEDEVAC. I'm sending you my coordinates now.

Firebrand weakly reaches out with her hand. Michael Warren gently holds it for support.

Michael (voice fading): Hang in there, Gabby MEDEVAC is en route hang in there

Camera fades out.

Scene 10

Scene opens up with Firebrand resuming her training and voicing over in a new costume.

Firebrand: It's been a long two months. I learned that it was the Dark Witch, of all people, who saved my life, paying off a debt owed to my mother during her days as Firebelle. By all accounts, I should be dead, since I was a mess when they brought me here. Dr. Warren outfitted me with a new costume treated with a special chemical to accelerate the healing process, like an advanced form of therapeutic textile used to treat burn victims. In the back of my mind throughout the recovery, though, was Paine. Was he really my son or some sicko playing mind games with me? I don't know. A big part of me was starting to believe that he was lying until a 120 lb anvil soon dropped on my head.

Firebrand finishes her training session and woman a few years younger than she is appears with Dr. Warren.

Michael: How're you feeling?

Firebrand: Much better, thanks. First time in a long while that I feel like myself again, health-wise.

Firebrand then notices the younger woman next to him and extends her hand.

Firebrand: I'm sorry, we haven't met yet. I'm Gabrielle. Do I know you from somewhere? You seem awfully familiar to me.

Stephanie: I'm Stephanie, your daughter.

Firebrand (in shock): What ? Mike, is this some kind of sick game?

Michael: No, Gabby, it isn't. I just finished testing her DNA. She's your daughter.

Firebrand: But how? I thought

Stephanie: You were carrying twins, mother. While we were both taken away from you, I was rescued by a woman who called herself Nightwitch.

Firebrand: How is this even possible!? By all accounts you and Paine shouldn't even be born yet and you practically look the same age as I do

Michael: Gabby, I wish I could explain everything to you but our knowledge of the Dark Dimension is speculative at best. I don't know how the Dark Shroud magically took your children from you, or how Paine developed his powers or how your daughter Stephanie miraculously survived in the place before getting rescued. The Dark Dimension somehow accelerated their aging and development, but how I don't know. What I do know is that you're alive, and this is your daughter.

Firebrand sits down and looks like she wants to cry.

Firebrand: This is all so confusing I just wanted a normal life not this hero stuff. My parents were lying to me my lover was lying to me stole children from me and now one of my kids tried to murder me

Stephanie (places her hand gently on Firebrand's shoulder for support): I know a lot of this doesn't make sense, mother. I'm still trying to sort out this new, confusing world myself. There are more questions than answers right now can we find them out together?

A teary-eyed Firebrand nods ëyes' and hugs her daughter.

Scene transitions to the farm property where a portal opens and Tyranus emerges.

Tyranus: At last this is where they've been hiding. And this is where they'll die.

Scene transitions back to inside, where Firebrand, her daughter, and Michael hear explosions outside.

Firebrand: It's Paine I know it he's finally tracked me down.

Stephanie: He's tracked us both, mother. I've been on the run from him as well.

Firebrand: Mike, take my daughter to safety.

Scene transitions back to the outside where Tyranus is getting closer to the farm. Just then Firebrand emerges in the sky and launches a barrage of fireballs that strike but only inflict minor damage. Tyranus retaliates with a series of magic lightning bolts that bring her down to ground level.

Tyranus: You're tougher than I thought, mother this time I'll make sure you're dead before killing my bitch sister.

Firebrand: You will NOT address us as such!

Firebrand unleashes a larger stream of fire that wounds Tyranus, who roars back with another barrage of lightning. Firebrand deflects some of the lightning with her fire defense field but later takes a direct shot to the chest and drops to a knee. Her body is smoldering from the magical lightning strikes taken.

Tyranus (opening a portal to the Dark Dimension): I'm breaking your neck and tossing your lifeless corpse into the Dark Dimension for the denizens there to devour it's over, mother

Tyranus is then met with a fireball to the face that blasts him back. Firebrand turns to see the source and finds her daughter Stephanie in the Firebrand costume.

Stephanie: It's only beginning, you sick freak!!!

Stephanie and Firebrand combine their energies into massive fire surge that blasts Tyranus into the Dark Dimension, where he's screaming in agony before it seals shut.

Firebrand (dusting herself off): I thought I told Mike to take you to safety.

Stephanie: You did. But I disagreed with him since I believed the safest place would be alongside you.

Firebrand chuckles when Dr. Michael Warren arrives with a mobile device and hands it to Firebrand. Firebrand reads the mobile device and smiles.

Firebrand to Stephanie: Come with me .there's someone I want you to meet.

Stephanie: Who?

Firebrand: Your grandmother.

Firebrand and Stephanie take off into the sky. Camera fades out.

Scene 11
Scene opens up with Firebrand I and II landing in a clearing. They look around and see no one at first until they see Firebelle and Thomas Whitmore arrive on foot along with Dr. Michael Warren. The four happily embrace one another as a family together at last.

Firebrand (Gabrielle): Mom you're back! Where've you been, what've you been doing all this time?

Firebelle (smiling and seeing Stephanie for the first time): I should ask you the same thing

Michael Warren (pulling out his camera): Well, before I forget, let me take a picture first. It's not every day I get to see three generations of superheroes in the same place.

The four Whitmore members stand beside one another as a family and Dr. Warren takes the photo. The click flashes to the photo of them taken, followed by a final voiceover by Firebrand (Gabrielle).

Yes, three generations of superheroes in one place and in one family. Many adventures, heartaches, triumphs, and fears lay on the road ahead for all of us and our family

but that's for a story to tell later
The End


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