Audition Scene:
A giant meteor crashes into the earth,killing much of the population and releasing a deadly virus that turns most of the men into flesh eating cannibals.

Scene 4
Janice and Phil are in their basement preparing for the the meteors impact...

PHIL: Janice, We have food and water for at least a month.If we don't get A direct hit, we should be OK.

JANICE: No matter what happens, I love you, Phil.

PHIL: I love you too. Will make it through this.

Scene 6
Phil and Janice hear the impact and the explosions as they lay close to each other on the sofa. The power goes out.

Scene 8

Janice and Phil sit up after the impacts have stopped. Sirens blast in the background.The power is still out. Phil tries his cell his cell. Janice turns on a battery powered light.

PHIL: It's dead. I'm getting nothing.

JANICE: All communication appears to be out.

PHIL: I think we should look outside and see what's what.

JANICE: I don't know if that's such a good idea...
Phil cautiously opens the basement door and looks out. Part of the house has been destroyed and fires are everywhere. He closes the door.

PHIL: It's not good out there! The house has...Ugh!
Phil suddenly doubles over in pain.

JANICE: Phil, what is it? What's happening?
Phil stands up and his face is distorted.

PHIL: I feel like I'm going into withdrawal. I..It's like I need a fix!

JANICE: But you're not an addict!

PHIL: I..I..I know. But it's like this urge has come over me! This hunger!

JANICE: Hunger? Hunger for what?

PHIL: Flesh! Human flesh! My god, I hunger for human flesh!

JANICE: God, you're scaring me!

PHIL: Run! I can't control myself! I have to feast!
Janice runs toward the other room, but he catches up and pulls her back. They struggle as he tries to bite her neck. She manages to push him off and get a gun in the cabinet.

JANICE: Phil, please, stop! (She's crying.)
But at this point, he is simply a cannibal out for human flesh and he comes toward her and she shoots him. The bullet slows him down but doesn't stop him. Janice knows she will only survive if she kills him.

JANICE: Phil, forgive me!
She shoots him in the forehead and he falls dead. She rushes over and cradles his dead body as she sobs.

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