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 Hayride Slaughter
 Witch of Powell Forest
 Deadly Vines
 Sleepwalker Strangler
 Sleepwalker Strangler


 Gary Whitson

 W.A.V.E. Productions
 P.O. Box 83
 Deerfield, New Jersey

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Downloading Help

Please download your video as soon as you receive your login information. Otherwise, your password may expire before you have a copy safely stored.

After you have received your username and password, go to the download link provided to you and login to the page. Windows users are encouraged to right-click on the links for the video files and select "SAVE TARGET AS..." from the popup menu. Download your video, then open and view it from your computer. If you left-click on the link, your browser may try to stream the video instead of downloading it and you won't have a copy saved when your password expires.

If you are a MAC user and you experience a problem downloading the video files, it is most likely an issue with Quicktime (the default Mac video player) trying to stream the video file instead of downloading it. One solution is to type the URL of the video in your browser and add add ?dl at the end of the URL. That forces the Mac browser to ask if you want to download the video instead of trying to play it within the browser (which is where the problem arises). After you have downloaded the file, you can open it from your hard drive and play it.

So, for example, if the direct link to the video is: http://www.wavemovies.com/clips/ppv/videoname/videoname.wmv

You should type this in your browser: http://www.wavemovies.com/clips/ppv/videoname/videoname.wmv?dl